Can i keep a rabbit in my bedroom?

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The question you may sometimes wonder as an indoor rabbit owner is, can I keep a rabbit in my bedroom? The short answer is yes. However, there are certain factors you ought to consider first. The two main ones are bunny proofing your bedroom and also ensuring that your rabbit is litter trained.

Preparation prior to keeping a rabbit in your bedroom

Preparing your bedroom for your bunny essentially boils down to three things, your bunny’s safety, comfort, and of course valuables protection.

Can i keep a rabbit in my bedroom?

  • Bunny proofing

Bunnies have a chewing habit that is often destructive more so, in an indoor environment with no bunny-proofing. To be specific ensure that all the cables and cords in your bedroom are encased in a plastic rod shower cover or a split loom tubing. This essentially makes them chew-proof and also prevents your rabbit from being electrocuted. On top of that, you can also section off your bed or a section with your belongings using some sort of barrier such as a playpen.

  • House-training

The other factor you need to consider before housing a bunny in your bedroom is teaching him/her good litter box habits. Prior to that, always make sure that your rabbit is spayed/neutered. This will essentially tame unwanted territorial behavior that involves spraying urine on items your pet considers as theirs.

The next step is to provide your bunny with a litter box where it can do its business in. This is preferably in a secluded corner of your bedroom. Just make sure that you place pellets and hay beneath the litter tray to encourage frequent use. Lastly, if there are incidences where your bunny has a toileting mishap, pick up their poop pellets and return them to the litter box. This will essentially give your bunny an idea of where they need to urinate or defecate.

  • Food

Your bunny will also need access to fresh hay and clean drinking water. Always ensure that your pets have their food and water bowl or drinking bottle. These items should preferably be located in your rabbit’s enclosure if you want to maintain tidiness.


  • Bedroom Flooring

Your bedroom flooring is also something you might want to look into. An ideal rabbit flooring should be chew-resistant, comfortable enough for your bunny’s feet, and also provide traction when they’re playing or running around. On top of that, your bedroom flooring should be easy to clean. For example, vinyl or wood are some of the best flooring options.


  • Mental stimulation

Mental enrichment is something you need to consider if you intend to keep a rabbit in your bedroom. Your pet should have access to various toys they can chew or play with. This in turn mentally stimulates your bunny which in turn leaves them content and less destructive. Some of the popular rabbit toys include chewable and treat balls, foraging mats, tunnels, and tubes.


  • Socialization

Lastly, it’s also equally important for a rabbit living in your bedroom to get proper exposure with your family members, other rabbits, or indoor pets in general. Even if your bunny is housed in your bedroom, it’s always advisable to introduce them to other sectioned-off areas of your home such as the living area. You can do so by placing them in a playpen or in a secluded space where they can get used to people and different noises. This essentially helps them adapt to different environments apart from your often quiet bedroom. Proper socialization, in turn, makes your rabbit friendlier and generally more affectionate.

Can you keep a rabbit cage in your bedroom?

Yes, you can keep a rabbit cage in your bedroom, provided it’s spacious enough. However, it’s always advisable to provide them with an additional space they can roam or play. Just ensure that the area is cordoned off and bunny-proofed. Lastly, it’s also worth pointing out that Keeping your rabbit in a cage for too long isn’t advisable since it may have adverse effects on your rabbit’s overall well-being.


Can I leave my rabbit alone in my bedroom?


Even with provisions such as water and food, you can only leave your bunny alone for a maximum of two days. This is mainly because bunnies are totally dependent on us and may also be destructive if left unattended for too long.


Do rabbits like to sleep beside you?

Yes, a bunny that is fond of you will most likely enjoy sleeping next to you. In other words, a rabbit that sleeps beside you not only likes you but also trusts you so much. Just ensure that your bunny is litter trained. This is usually tricky if you’re dealing with a kitten or baby bunny hence the reason why we don’t recommend sleeping beside them.


Should I let my rabbit roam free in my bedroom at night?

It’s always not a good idea considering that your bunny will keep you awake all night. The best solution is to place them in a rabbit-proof playpen overnight.


Can I keep a rabbit in my bedroom? Absolutely, provided your pet has sufficient space of at least 8 ft. by 4 ft. or 32 square ft., where they can play or exercise.



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