Can rabbits live with goats?

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If you’re keeping both rabbits and goats, or intend to do so you may often have wondered, can rabbits live with goats? The short answer is no. This is mainly because of the high health risk associated with keeping both species. On top of that, rabbits and goats both have behavioral and size differences, which may have adverse effects when the two coexist as we shall discuss.

Can rabbits live with goats?

Disadvantages of rabbits and goats living together

  • Health concerns

Keeping rabbits and goats in the same pen or living space basically puts both animals at a higher risk of pathogen infections. This is possible through the cross-species transmission of fecal matter. Some of the transmittable diseases from rabbits to goats include cryptosporidiosis, ringworm, parasites, pasteurellosis, and mycobacteriosis. Goats, on the other hand, can transmit Ecthyma, rabies, and ringworm to rabbits. It’s therefore advisable to ensure that the two animals are kept separate to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. In other words, in case of an outbreak, only one species will be affected.

  • Behavioral differences

The other disadvantage of keeping rabbits with goats is that each specie has a different habit that the other may fail to tolerate at some point. For instance, a rabbit’s territorial and defensive nature may trigger a goat, forcing it to reciprocate with full force. As a result, due to the size difference, the latter may end up injuring your bunny.

Goats on the other hand are quite playful more so a kid (young goat). It may jump, kick and even try to run without the slightest care in the world. This playful behavior may in turn injure your rabbits or worst case scenario, turn deadly. In simpler terms, behavioral difference essentially makes the two incompatible when it comes to sharing living space.


  • Size difference


The difference in size between rabbits and goats is also another factor worth considering. It’s a common occurrence to find goats accidentally injuring rabbits they share the same living space with. The injury inflicted or casualties caused are mainly associated with a goat’s weight during an accident or incident.




It’s safe to say that keeping your rabbits separated from your goats is always the best solution. If you have to place them in the same vicinity, ensure that your bunnies are locked up inside a playpen or enclosure that’s inaccessible to your goats. Hopefully, we’ve answered the question, Can rabbits live with goats?


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