How to properly take care of a rabbit

Knowing how to take care of a rabbit is essential when it comes to the overall health and well-being of your bunny. Proper nutrition, a conducive environment, and veterinary checkups go a long way in improving your rabbit’s overall quality of life. So how do you properly take care of a rabbit? Keep reading to … Read more

The benefits of adopting a rabbit from a rescue or shelter

Adopting a rabbit from a shelter or rescue center is often a wonderful experience, considering that you’re giving a bunny an opportunity to live in a potentially loving home. On top of that, you’ll also support the rescue organization by helping to reduce the number of already crowded and underfunded shelters. Some of the benefits … Read more

Common misconceptions about rabbits and their care

There are many misconceptions about rabbits and their care that can often lead to misunderstandings or mistreatment of these adorable animals. Some of the common misconceptions revolve around a rabbit’s care, diet, housing, training, and even handling. Keep reading to find out more. Rabbits are low-maintenance pets One common misconception about bunnies is that they’re … Read more

The importance of regular rabbit grooming and health checkups

Regular rabbit grooming plays an important role in the overall care and well-being of your pet. In other words, grooming helps to keep your bunny’s coat neat and free of mats which often cause discomfort and skin irritation. In addition, occasional grooming also allows you to easily perform regular health checkups to see if your … Read more

Rabbit care in rainy season

If you keep rabbits, more so outdoors, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to leave them outside during the rainy season. Will they get affected by the cold or when they get rained on? This article talks about rabbit care in rainy season and much more.   Can rabbits survive outdoors in rainy season? … Read more

How long does a rabbit spay operation take?

Rabbit Spaying or ovariohysterectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a Doe’s uterus and ovaries to keep them sterile. If you want to desex your bunny you might probably wonder, how long does a rabbit spay operation take? This article answers that; it also talks about post-spay care and everything related to … Read more

How to take care of a rabbit in an apartment

Rabbits make great indoor pets especially if you know how to meet their day-to-day needs. Apartment rabbits essentially need at least 12 square feet of space and most importantly, a healthy diet. Additionally, you also need to provide a safe environment for your pets by rabbit-proofing your house. In other words, how to take care … Read more

English angora rabbit care

The English Angora rabbit is among the smallest of all the angoras breeds and typically weighs 5 to 6 pounds. It has wooly lustrous fur on its body ears, face, and legs, making the breed require more grooming than your typical short-haired rabbit. This article looks into English angora rabbit care in general.   English … Read more

Giant rabbit health problems

Giant rabbit breeds have a docile and friendly temperament which makes them ideal pets. Some owners usually prefer them over them your average-sized bunny for one reason or another. However, the bigger the rabbit, the more care they need. Whether you’re a novice or avid grooming who’s probably wondering what giant rabbit health problems are, … Read more

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