Rabbit care in rainy season

If you keep rabbits, more so outdoors, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to leave them outside during the rainy season. Will they get affected by the cold or when they get rained on? This article talks about rabbit care in rainy season and much more.   Can rabbits survive outdoors in rainy season? … Read more

How to take care of a rabbit in an apartment

Rabbits make great indoor pets especially if you know how to meet their day-to-day needs. Apartment rabbits essentially need at least 12 square feet of space and most importantly, a healthy diet. Additionally, you also need to provide a safe environment for your pets by rabbit-proofing your house. In other words, how to take care … Read more

English angora rabbit care

The English Angora rabbit is among the smallest of all the angoras breeds and typically weighs 5 to 6 pounds. It has wooly lustrous fur on its body ears, face, and legs, making the breed require more grooming than your typical short-haired rabbit. This article looks into English angora rabbit care in general.   English … Read more

How to cut an aggressive rabbits nails

How to cut an aggressive rabbits nails is one of the challenges most rabbit owners face. Their nails tend to grow over time and need to be trimmed after every one or two months. Overgrown nails tend to cause discomfort, thus making it harder for bunnies to gain traction especially if they’re both long and … Read more

The best bunny brush for shedding

Although rabbits are self-grooming animals, they need a helping hand, especially during the shedding season usually in spring and Autumn. In other words, grooming your pets is something you just might consider doing regularly. Choosing the right bunny brush for shedding is therefore pivotal when it comes to fur maintenance. This article looks at the … Read more

Daily rabbit care checklist

Having a daily rabbit care checklist is pivotal when you want to raise a healthy and content bunny. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or experienced owner, your bunny’s welfare should always be a priority. In other words, you should be willing to provide them with a proper diet and a conducive living space. Additionally, … Read more

How to transport rabbits long distance

Occasionally, you might find it necessary to transport your bunnies. It could be a trip to the vet or perhaps you’re relocating. Regardless of your reason, the main factor worth considering is how to transport rabbits long distance. Traveling on the road with bunnies can be nerve-racking especially if it’s your first time. What’s essential, … Read more

Where to buy a bunny near me

Rabbit owners can agree that adopting a new bunny for the first time is an exciting experience. However, where to buy a bunny near you is the tricky part. Although there are many options available, you’ll need to consider the rabbit’s health and temperament before adoption. For instance, you’ll want to adopt a spayed or … Read more

Do house rabbits need to go outside?

Do house rabbits need to go outside? From time to time, exposing your bunny to direct sunlight may be beneficial for them. Essentially, it helps with the absorption of vitamin D which helps to regulate the level of calcium in the body. As a result, the nutrients absorbed help keep their teeth, bones, and muscles … Read more

The best rabbit toys

Rabbit toys play a pivotal role when it comes to mental stimulation, exercise, and entertainment. Additionally, they also allow bunnies to indulge in natural behavior which involves jumping, chewing, and digging. The good thing about the rabbit toys am about to recommend is that they’re quite affordable. Below is a list of the best toys … Read more

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