Can rabbits free roam with dogs?

Despite the fact that rabbits are prey and dogs are predators, the two can coexist if they’re properly introduced. Most importantly, your dog should have a low prey drive and your rabbit should also be dog friendly if they’re to live harmoniously. Even if both species get along, the main question however is, can rabbits … Read more

Do rabbits like to be petted while eating?

You might be wondering, do rabbits like to be petted while eating? Most owners are curious to know more so if your bunny already loves a good stroke and isn’t that territorial during feeding time. Even with a strong bond already established, is it a good idea, and will my pet like it? Keep reading … Read more

Do rabbits get along with hamsters?

Rabbits and hamsters are both adorable pets quite popular in many households. If you already have a bunny and are probably thinking about adopting a hamster, you might be wondering, do rabbits get along with hamsters? This article digs deep into whether these two species can coexist and if not, why?   Do rabbits and … Read more

Hormonal rabbit behavior

Quite often most first-time rabbit owners are taken aback when their calm and adorable pets start to display objectionable behavior. Hormonal rabbit behavior mainly occurs when your pets are around 4 to 8 months. Bunnies may suddenly display aggression by biting or lunging at you. They may also act territorial by spraying urine, humping, or … Read more

How to tell if my rabbit is scared of me

As prey animals, rabbits are inherently skittish and anything foreign can easily startle them. For instance, they might be scared of their new owners, loud noises, or being picked up, to say the least. Although bunny breeds are naturally timid, some are generally more nervous than others. So how do you tell if your rabbit … Read more

Rabbit sphinx position meaning

A rabbit in a sphinx position is normally at rest with its head upright, its front legs spread forward and apart, and its hind legs pointing straight out. This particular pose is quite common for resting rabbits and unlikely for deep sleeping ones. Our article is going to look at the rabbit sphinx position meaning, why … Read more

Why does my rabbit bite me?

Although rabbits are gentle and affectionate animals, they’ll occasionally bite when they feel threatened or stressed. In other words, domestic rabbits mainly nibble to protect or defend themselves. Their counterparts in the wild, however, live in colonies or herds and will often bite to assert hierarchical dominance. So why does my rabbit bite me? This … Read more

Rabbit digging box ideas

  Although digging is a natural behavior for rabbits, it can be destructive especially if they’re housed indoors. In some instances, a bored bunny will dig holes through carpets, flooring, or even shred your valuable furnishing. So how do you solve this problem? One effective way is to get a rabbit digging box. This article … Read more

Rabbit molting: Everything you need to know

Rabbit molting happens naturally and is certainly nothing to worry about. However, excessive shedding should be a great concern. kitten’s fur molt when they’re around 5 months old. An intermediate coat forms over their initial one and later on fully developed fur replaces it. Bunnies that are 6 months old or more molt twice per … Read more

Do rabbits sleep with their eyes open?

One age-old question people ask is whether rabbits sleep with their eyes open. Yes, some actually do sleep with their eyes wide or partially open. Bunnies sleeping with open eyes is usually a defense mechanism that allows them to stay alert especially when they feel unsafe. A rabbit’s eye can stay open without blinking throughout … Read more

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