Do rabbits recognize their owners?

Rabbits are intelligent and social animals that can not only recognize their owners but also form strong bonds with them. If rabbits are well-socialized and have a consistent daily routine with their owners, they are likely to show affection and recognition towards their owners. Some of the signs that a rabbit recognizes its owner include … Read more

Understanding and preventing rabbit aggression

Rabbit aggression is a common behavioral problem that can be quite frustrating for most bunny owners. However, it’s worth mentioning that rabbits are prey animals and aggression is an inherent form of defense mechanism. Aggressive behavior can include your bunny biting, scratching, thumping, or charging as we shall explain. It’s hence critical to recognize signs … Read more

How to introduce a new rabbit to your existing bunny

Introducing a new bunny to an existing one can be a tricky process. This is considering that rabbits are instinctively territorial animals and may show aggression towards a new rabbit trying to invade their personal space. Introducing two rabbits is a process that needs to be gradual with a lot of patience too. Below is … Read more

Tips for introducing a new rabbit to your existing pets

Although introducing a new bunny to your existing household pets seems challenging, it’s usually a rewarding experience. It’s crucial to properly introduce your rabbit to your other pets to ensure that all your pets can coexist harmoniously. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some tips on how to successfully introduce a new … Read more

Do rabbits love their owners like dogs?

If you’re thinking of adopting a bunny, you might be wondering, are they affectionate and do rabbits love their owners like dogs? The short answer is bunnies unlike dogs, have a unique way of showing love or fondness for their owners as we shall discuss in this article.   Do rabbits love as dogs do? … Read more

Can rabbits and dogs communicate?

If you own a bunny and a dog or intend to adopt this unusual pair, you might be wondering if the two can coexist. If so, can rabbits and dogs communicate? The short answer is yes. This particular interspecies communication is possible as we shall expound in this article.   Can rabbits and dogs communicate? … Read more

Can rabbits free roam with dogs?

Despite the fact that rabbits are prey and dogs are predators, the two can coexist if they’re properly introduced. Most importantly, your dog should have a low prey drive and your rabbit should also be dog friendly if they’re to live harmoniously. Even if both species get along, the main question however is, can rabbits … Read more

Can rabbits recognize faces?

Considering how smart rabbits are, with proper training, they can learn a few tricks and basic commands. The main question however is, can rabbits recognize faces? This article answers that and also looks into just how intelligent rabbits are as pets. Can rabbits recognize faces? The short answer is yes. Rabbits are good at recognizing … Read more

Do rabbits like to be petted while eating?

You might be wondering, do rabbits like to be petted while eating? Most owners are curious to know more so if your bunny already loves a good stroke and isn’t that territorial during feeding time. Even with a strong bond already established, is it a good idea, and will my pet like it? Keep reading … Read more

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