Why does my rabbit bite me?

Although rabbits are gentle and affectionate animals, they’ll occasionally bite when they feel threatened or stressed. In other words, domestic rabbits mainly nibble to protect or defend themselves. Their counterparts in the wild, however, live in colonies or herds and will often bite to assert hierarchical dominance. So why does my rabbit bite me? This … Read more

Rabbit digging box ideas

Although digging is a natural behavior for rabbits, it can be destructive especially if they’re housed indoors. In some instances, a bored bunny will dig holes through carpets, flooring, or even shred your valuable furnishing. So how do you solve this problem? One effective way is to get a rabbit digging box. This article talks … Read more

Rabbit molting: Everything you need to know

Rabbit molting happens naturally and is certainly nothing to worry about. However, excessive shedding should be a great concern. kitten’s fur molt when they’re around 5 months old. An intermediate coat forms over their initial one and later on fully developed fur replaces it. Bunnies that are 6 months old or more molt twice per … Read more

Do rabbits sleep with their eyes open?

One age-old question people ask is whether rabbits sleep with their eyes open. Yes, some actually do sleep with their eyes wide or partially open. Bunnies sleeping with open eyes is usually a defense mechanism that has allows them to stay alert especially when they feel unsafe. A rabbit’s eye can stay open without blinking … Read more

Bunny binky, what does it mean?

A bunny binky involves jumping in the air, twisting the body, and kicking their feet. At times, they can binky after a run, while other times they do so instantaneously. A binky is an expression of excitement or happiness and usually happens when a rabbit feels safe around its habitat. This article looks in-depth at … Read more

Rabbit behavior: Frequently asked questions

When it comes to the general rabbit behavior, there are usually a lot of questions that new owners or at times avid breeders find perplexing. For instance, how do you know whether your bunny is happy, sick, bored, hungry, excited, or in distress? Not to worry as this article answers all the frequently asked questions … Read more

Can rabbits get along with cats and dogs?

Is it possible for rabbits to get along with cats and dogs? In most cases, rabbits can get along with other pets; however, training usually takes time and patience. Rabbits, cats, and even dogs, contrary to common thought, can get along very well. Although these prey-predator combinations appear to contravene nature’s laws, they are possible. … Read more

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