Can rabbits swim?

If you’ve seen viral videos of bunnies in water or perhaps you have a pool in your yard, you might be wondering, can rabbits swim? This article not only answers that, but it also looks into whether they like to swim and if it’s safe for them. On top of that, we touch on whether … Read more

Can rabbits see in the dark?

Considering that rabbits are crepuscular (mostly active at dusk and dawn), they can navigate well in low-light conditions. However, the question that piques the curiosity of many is, can rabbits see in the dark? This article not only answers that but it also sheds light on a rabbit’s vision in general.   Can rabbits see … Read more

Do bunnies hibernate?

During winter when the ice grips the entire landscape, most animals hibernate to conserve their energy as well as survive the harsh conditions. Do bunnies hibernate when the temperatures plummet? Keep reading to find out how rabbits cope in winter. Do bunnies hibernate? The short answer is no, rabbits don’t hibernate, nor do they undergo … Read more

How long are rabbits pregnant for?

Whether you’re breeding rabbits or just curious about their reproductive cycle, knowledge of their gestation period is necessary for both their care during and after pregnancy. So how long are rabbits pregnant for? This article not only answers that, but it also looks at the pregnancy signs and stages, as well as essential considerations for … Read more

Are rabbits nocturnal?

Considering that rabbits sleep a lot during the day, you may perhaps be wondering if they’re usually active at night. In other words, knowing bunnies’ internal clock helps you properly take care of their needs since you essentially know their feeding, exercise, and resting time based on their activity levels. So are rabbits nocturnal? Keep … Read more

Why do rabbits thump?

Rabbits mainly use body language to express themselves or when trying to communicate. One behavior that most rabbit owners or enthusiasts fail to interpret is thumping. A thump normally involves a bunny thudding its hind legs on the ground, once or several times in a row. So why do rabbits thump in the first place? … Read more

How high can rabbits jump?

Rabbits are natural hoppers with powerful hind legs that allow them to jump or leap forward with impressive force. In other words, in a single bound, they can cover a great distance by launching themselves into the air with great agility. The main question however is how high can rabbits jump? Keep reading to find … Read more

Do Bunnies Bite?

Although rabbits are adorable and calm animals, they bite if they feel threatened, cornered, or annoyed. In this article, we are going to look at the specific reasons why your bunny might bite and how to prevent as well as address this unwanted behavior.   Understanding Rabbit Behavior Understanding why a rabbit bite entails understanding … Read more

How to spot signs of distress in rabbits and what to do about it

Rabbits are known for their subtle body language considering that they’re prey animals. As a result, bunnies are good at hiding signs of illness or distress, making it difficult for owners to detect problems earlier on. However, if you pay attention to your pet’s behavior or body language among other symptoms, you may address their … Read more

How to properly socialize your rabbit

Rabbit socialization is the process of helping your bunny to get comfortable and well-behaved around people and other pets. This entails gradually exposing your rabbits to new situations and allowing them to get accustomed to the stimuli. This, as a result, will help your rabbit become confident and generally well-adjusted to new experiences.   1. … Read more

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