How to teach a rabbit to drink from a water bottle

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Bunnies are naturally picky when it comes to trying out new stuff. For this reason, it can be quite tricky for them to switch from using a water bowl to drinking using a  spouted bottle. The main challenge, therefore, is how to teach a rabbit to drink from a water bottle.

Although a water bottle might seem unnatural for your pets, it has its fair share of advantages. For example, your bunnies are guaranteed access to clean water. A water bottle is also spillproof, easier to clean, and essentially takes less cage space.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to teach a rabbit to drink from a water bottle. It also talks about the recommended quantity of water to give your rabbits per day, among other relatable frequently asked questions.


How to teach a rabbit or its young one to drink from a water bottle

Since your rabbits won’t drink from the bottle naturally, you need to train them how to. First place the water bottle close to them. Preferable where they’re used to quenching their thirst or at a level they can access with all their four feet on the ground.

Rabbits are naturally more comfortable drinking without having to stand up. Alternatively, you can place the water bottle in their favorite spot. Perhaps where the water bowl used to be. Let the water drip from the bottle and after a while, your bunny will associate the bottle with water.

However, if your bunny still hasn’t figured it out after a couple of days, try placing their empty drinking bowl below the dripping water bottle. After a while, they’ll eventually learn to drink from the bottle spout. However, it’s worth pointing out that, before they get the hang of it, always provide them with water to keep them hydrated.

If the two steps still don’t work after a week, this time around when they’re thirsty, gently place the dripping bottle tip in their mouth. You can enhance this step by rubbing their favorite treat on the tip of the straw. Within no time they’ll start to lick it and realize that it’s also a water source. Lastly, you can add positive reinforcement by rewarding them with a treat every time they drink from the bottle on their own. Click on this link to learn more about rabbit training.


How much water should a rabbit drink a day?


On average for every 2 pounds of body weight, a rabbit should drink between 50 to 150 milliliter of water per day. Compared to other small domestic pets, rabbits essentially drink more water. In other words, they drink two or three times more than what they consume in a day. It’s therefore advisable to ensure that they always have a constant supply of clean drinking water.


Which drinking water bottle is ideal for rabbits?

A rabbit drinking water bottle should come with a chew-proof nozzle that is made from chemical-free material. In addition, it’s should be leakproof with a durable material that’s also easy to fix.


Why won’t my rabbit drink from a bottle?

There could be many factors associated with your rabbit presently not drinking from a water bottle or if they never attempt to. Whichever the case, there’s a high likelihood that either your pet doesn’t know how to use the bottle, or they don’t like the water’s taste and temperature. Another reason could be that the water bottle spout is clogged or your bunny could be ailing.


Why does my rabbit not drink water?

The main reason could be that they’re suffering from stress, a dental condition, or other common diseases. Either way, if you suspect their drinking habit to be health-related, take them for a medical checkup as soon as possible.


 How do I get my rabbit to drink water?

The best way to encourage your bunny to drink water is by making it accessible at all times. In other words, to keep them hydrated, let them drink at their own preferred time. In addition, you can also dilute the water with their favorite natural fruit juice or serve them dripping greens.


How do I know if my rabbit is dehydrated?

A rabbit that’s dehydrated will have thick sticky saliva, dark-colored urine, dry fecal pellets, and crusty eyes or they may also have a loss of appetite.


How long can a rabbit go without drinking water?

The maximum a rabbit can go without drinking water is 24 hours before its demise. However, it can be shorter than that in soaring temperatures.


Can bunnies drink cold water?

Yes, however, how much they drink entirely depends on the water temperature. Rabbits are likely to drink less if the water temperature is at 32 F or nearly freezing temperature. In short, they prefer to drink tepid water.



A drinking water bottle is convenient since it prevents spills and your bunny is guaranteed access to clean drinking water. However, in winter water bowls are more convenient for outdoor rabbits since the bottle spout tends to freeze or they easily get clogged. Hopefully, you have learned how to teach a rabbit to drink from a water bottle.


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