What are baby rabbits called?

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Quite often, most people unknowingly use the wrong or unofficial terminology to refer to baby rabbits. So what exactly are these cute fluff balls called? This article not only answers that in depth but it also talks about more interesting terminologies concerning rabbits in general. Keep reading…

What are baby rabbits called?

The official name for baby rabbits is Kittens and their informal name is kits or kitties. A rabbit is generally considered a kitten from birth to when they’re 3 months old. Nonetheless, some people mistakenly call baby rabbits “bunnies” which is incorrect. Click on the link to learn more on the topic Are bunnies and rabbits the same thing?

Origins of the term bunny

The term bunny which is commonly used to refer to young rabbits was originally and popularly used to refer to a young girl or an attractive woman back in the 1600s. The popularity of the term bunny is also associated with the Easter holiday tradition. This is through the tale of the Easter bunny, a folkloric figure that is believed to bring Easter eggs to children on the morning of the Easter holiday. The word bunny which is widely used to refer to baby bunnies is an informal endearment word used to also refer to older rabbits in general. In other words, it’s generally a nickname that evokes innocence and cuteness.


What is a group of baby rabbits called?

A group of kittens especially from the same mother is simply referred to as a litter.


Are baby hares also called kittens?

No, as much as baby hares and baby rabbits look alike, their names are different. A hare’s young ones are called leverets.


Other animal babies called kittens

Besides rabbits and cat’s young ones being called kittens, other animals with babies being referred to as kittens include beavers, badgers, ferrets, foxes, rats, skunks, squirrels, and sloths.


Other general terms for rabbits

Besides defining baby rabbits, below are some of the rabbit terminologies often used when referring to them either in their habitat or when domesticated.

Buck- A buck is a name given to an adult male rabbit.

DoeA doe is an adult female rabbit.

DamThis is the name given to the mother of a kitten.

SireThe name given to the father of a kitten.

FluffleA group of wild rabbits living together in a warren.

Herd – Adult domestic rabbits (aged 10 months and above) are called a herd.

Lagomorph –A scientific term used to refer to rabbits, hares, and pikas, all having four incisors on their upper jaw for gnawing plants. In addition, compared to rodents, lagomorphs normally have more cheek teeth.

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