Calmest rabbit breeds that make great pets

Some rabbit owners prefer to adopt calm, docile, and laid-back rabbits as opposed to active or energetic ones. Regardless of whether your bunny is a miniature, medium, or giant breed, the calmer they are the better suited they are as pets, especially if they live indoors. Additionally, calm rabbit breeds are also ideal for first-time … Read more

Angora rabbit breed: info and facts

The Angora rabbit has a distinctive long and fine wooly coat that has a 14 to 16-micrometer diameter and grows 3 centimeters per month. This particular breed is one of the oldest domestic rabbits originating from Ankara which is presently turkey. There are 5 main Angora rabbit breeds namely the English, German, French, Satin, and Giant Angora. … Read more

Netherland dwarf rabbit info and facts

The Netherland dwarf rabbit is a miniature rabbit that weighs around 2.5 pounds. This cute dwarf bunny originated from the Netherlands and is a popular rabbit breed in many households. This article takes an in-depth look at their history, size, and color variety. It also talks about Netherland dwarf rabbits’ care, diet, personality, housing, health, … Read more

Male vs female rabbit: All you need to know

New rabbit owners and some avid groomers often find it hard to differentiate between a male vs a female rabbit. One way to tell apart a male and female rabbit is by examining their genitals. Bucks have two visible testicles, while females have v-shaped genitalia. Determining the gender for kittens below four months entails gently … Read more

How long do dwarf rabbits live?

Dwarf rabbits are adorable pets that are popular in many households. In case you own a tiny rabbit or perhaps intend to adopt one and you’re wondering how long they live, then this article is for you. Dwarf rabbits live an average of 8 to 10 years with some breeds such as the Netherland Dwarf … Read more

Rabbit breeds you should know about

Rabbit breeds across the globe come in different sizes, colors, and personalities. There are over 300 breeds globally, therefore making it necessary to learn more about each particular bunny. Fortunately, our article has a list of the different types of domestic rabbit breeds. If you’re considering purchasing or domesticating a bunny, then this article is for you. … Read more

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