Continental giant rabbit: All facts and info

When it comes to giant rabbits, among the breed that stands out is the continental giant. Their remarkable size, distinct appearance, and admirable temperament have earned a special place among most animal enthusiasts who prefer large-sized bunnies. This article looks at continental giant rabbit history, appearance, temperament, lifespan/health issues, diet, general care, and housing. In … Read more

Interpreting the Hidden Meaning behind Rabbits Symbolism

Rabbit symbolism is often a mystery to many different cultures across the globe. Whether it’s in spirituality, arts, literature, dreams, astrology, or zodiac signs, the correct interpretation is key to the knowledge of each meaning behind the rabbit symbolism. This article delves deep into the hidden layers of rabbit symbolism and their evolved meanings over … Read more

How long do wild rabbits live?

If you’ve ever wondered about wild rabbit’s longevity, then this article is for you. So how long do wild rabbits live? These are various factors that come into play when it comes to a wild rabbit’s life expectancy. They include the rabbit species, predation, health, and habitat, among other environmental or physical conditions.   Wild … Read more

Hare vs rabbit: How to distinguish the two animals apart

Although the hare and rabbit may look similar and may be hard to differentiate, the two are actually two different species. In other words, they’re in the same Leporidae family but in distinct genera. So when it comes to hares vs rabbits, how do you distinguish them apart? Some of the attributes that distinguish the … Read more

Are bunnies and rabbits the same thing?

Quite often the words bunnies and rabbits are used interchangeably in conversations or when referring to these hopping mammals. This then begs the question, are bunnies and rabbits the same thing? Yes, the two terms are synonymous, considering that a rabbit or bunny is basically the same animal. Are the two terms truly different? As … Read more

Rex rabbit colors

Rex rabbits are a popular breed known for their wide range of colors. There are essentially 16 officially recognized color varieties accepted by the American rabbit breeder’s Association. They include amber, broken, Black, Blue, Castor, Californian, Chocolate, Chinchilla, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Sable, Seal, Red, Otter, and White. Keep reading to find out more about each … Read more

Mini rex rabbit size

The Mini rex bunny is a popular household pet because of its unique appearance, temperament, and miniature size. As the name suggests, this particular breed is the smaller-sized version of the standard rex rabbit. So what exactly is the Mini Rex rabbit size? This article takes a closer look at the breeds’ average size and … Read more

Mini rex rabbit

The mini rex rabbit breed is basically the smaller version of the rex rabbit. Just like their counterpart, Mini rex also has plush and velvety fur making them not only great pets but also popular show rabbits. So if you’re a rabbit enthusiast who wants to find out more about this dwarf-sized rabbit then this … Read more

Rex rabbit breed: All information and facts

Rex rabbit is one of the popular breeds due to their unique appearance, friendly temperament, and easy adaptability to domestic environments. For these reasons, rex rabbits make great pets both for indoor and outdoor setups. This article looks into their history, size/physique, color, temperament, lifespan/ health, care, diet, and housing.   History The Rex rabbit … Read more

Rabbit Years to Human Years: Understanding the Age Conversion

Have you ever wondered how old your bunny would be if it were a human? Although rabbits and humans have vast differences in biological characteristics and lifespans, it’s possible to convert rabbit years to human years and find out exactly how old your pet is. Although the age conversion doesn’t have a definitive formula, we … Read more

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