Want to keep a pet rabbit? Here’s What you need to know

A pet rabbit is one of the cutest animals you can adopt; they’re always quiet by nature, affectionate, and generally like personal grooming. You can easily litter train your bunny and are usually comfortable in small or large enclosures. So what does it take to have this adorable fluffy animal? Well, there are many things … Read more

Facts about rabbits

One of the facts about rabbits is that they’re cute fluffy pets that are popular in most households. They’re social, intelligent, and also great companions. Besides being playful, docile, and affectionate, bunnies are also inexpensive and usually require less maintenance. Below are more interesting facts about rabbits worth knowing. Rabbits like to groom Just like … Read more

The different types of rabbit breeds

Currently, there are over 300 rabbit breeds globally. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and distinct personalities making it interesting to learn more about each bunny breed. This article looks at 40 popular breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We’ll delve into their appearance, weight, and temperament. English Spot The … Read more

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