Can rabbits recognize faces?

Rabbits are social animals who are affectionate and smart. With proper training, they can learn a few tricks and basic commands. However, the main question is, can rabbits recognize faces? This article answers that and also looks into just how intelligent rabbits are. Can rabbits recognize faces? The short answer is yes. Rabbits are good … Read more

Can rabbits eat horse hay?

If you keep rabbits and have a ton of horse hay, you might be wondering, can rabbits eat horse hay? The short answer is yes, however, it needs to be fresh and dry with no molds. This article looks at the benefits of rabbits eating horse hay among other frequently related questions regarding this topic. … Read more

How to take care of a rabbit in an apartment

Rabbits make great indoor pets especially if you know how to meet their day-to-day needs. Apartment rabbits essentially need at least 12 square feet of space and most importantly, a healthy diet. Additionally, you also need to provide a safe environment for your pets by rabbit-proofing your house. In other words, how to take care … Read more

Rabbit breeds originating in the UK

The British Rabbit Council to date recognizes more than 50 breeds and over 500 rabbit varieties. Nonetheless, you might still be wondering, how many of these bunnies originate in the UK? This article looks at some of the officially recognized rabbit breeds in the UK. It also touches on their history, weight, color, temperament, and … Read more

Do rabbits like to be petted while eating?

You might be wondering, do rabbits like to be petted while eating? Most owners are curious to know more so if your bunny already loves a good stroke and isn’t that territorial during feeding time. Even with a strong bond already established, is it a good idea, and will my pet like it? Keep reading … Read more

Can you punish a rabbit for peeing?

Do rabbits need to be disciplined? And can you punish a rabbit for peeing? We can all agree that bunnies are quite a handful sometimes. Nonetheless, disciplining your bunny is something we neither advocate nor recommend. This is simply because bunnies unlike humans won’t understand punishment. As consequence, they may end up being fearful or … Read more

Can a rabbit live in a playpen?

Playpens are convenient enclosures that provide your bunny’s outdoor safety or offer a secure indoor free roaming space. Furthermore, it’s also easier to monitor and also interact with your pet. The main question however is; can a rabbit live in a playpen? Keep reading to find the answer and much more regarding this topic.   … Read more

What happens if a rabbit eats dog food

If both your dog and rabbit are free-roam pets, you might have noticed that it’s pretty easy for one animal to access the other food bowl. This is especially true with bunnies simply because they are natural foragers who aren’t picky eaters. In other words, they often nibble at anything edible that’s accessible. The main … Read more

Are rabbits scared of dogs barking?

Quite often you’ll notice that dogs are fond of barking at rabbits, whether it’s your neighbor’s dog in the backyard or your own. This is simply because most dogs see small animals or more so bunnies as prey animals. The main question however is, are rabbits scared of dogs barking? This article answers whether a … Read more

Can rabbits eat cooked vegetables?

Vegetables provide your rabbits with essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Therefore, there’s no doubt that veggies should be included in your rabbit’s diet. However, you might be wondering, can rabbits eat cooked vegetables? This article answers this age-old question and whether bunnies can eat other cooked food.   Can rabbits eat cooked broccoli or carrots? … Read more

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