Havana rabbit breed: All info and facts

The Havana rabbit also known as the Fire-eyes of Ingen, the American, or the standard Havana, is a popular breed in the USA. This article discusses their history, appearance, temperament, lifespan, and health. It also covers the rabbit’s reproduction and life cycle, diet, care, housing, cost, and whether Havana bunnies make great pets. History Contrary … Read more

Cute rabbit names

If you’ve just adopted a bunny and are considering naming them, this article is for you. Whether you’re looking for one that’s unique, classic, sweet or that matches their personality, we’ve got you covered. This article looks at all the cutest, popular, and unique pet bunny names.  Cute male bunny names Choosing a suitable name … Read more

Californian rabbits: All facts and info

Californian rabbits, also known as California white, are popular in the United States. Although they’re often bred for their meat and fur, their striking appearance and gentle nature make them good show animals and household pets. This article discusses the Californian rabbit’s history, appearance, temperament, and health/lifespan. It also looks at the breed’s reproduction/ life … Read more

What kind of carrier is best for rabbits?

When it comes to transporting rabbits, carrying them in your arms or having them in a harness is both dangerous and stressful for them. This is considering how skittish or frightful rabbits are when their carried or exposed to new environments. For these particular reasons, a rabbit carrier is usually recommended. When it comes to … Read more

What are baby rabbits called?

Quite often, most people unknowingly use the wrong or unofficial terminology to refer to baby rabbits. So what exactly are these cute fluff balls called? This article not only answers that in depth but it also talks about more interesting terminologies concerning rabbits in general. Keep reading… What are baby rabbits called? The official name … Read more

French lop rabbit: All facts and info

The French lop is without a doubt among one of the popular large rabbit breeds thanks to their, size, appearance, calm, and friendly nature. If you’re interested in knowing more about the French lop, this article looks at their history, appearance, temperament, health, and lifespan. We also delve into their diet, general care, housing, cost, … Read more

Can rabbits eat bell peppers?

Bell peppers are commonly used as salad or a vegetable ingredient, however, as a rabbit owner, you might be wondering, can your bunny consume this botanical fruit (berries) or culinary vegetable? We take a look into whether rabbits can eat bell peppers and, if so, how to introduce them to their diet. We also talk … Read more

Giant chinchilla rabbit: All facts and info

When talking about large rabbit breeds, the giant chinchilla rabbit is without a doubt one of the most popular ones. The bunny is the largest among the three chinchilla breeds and was initially renowned for their cost-effective meat production. Today the giant chinchilla has gained popularity as a household pet in America and some parts … Read more

Can rabbits eat pineapple?

Most fruits play an essential role when it comes to adding nutritional value to your rabbit’s diet. One popular fruit bunny owners often wonder if their pets can consume is the pineapple. This article not only answers that but also talks about, how to introduce the new diet and the nutrients contained in the fruit. … Read more

Checkered giant rabbit: All facts and info

The checkered giant is one of the popular rabbit breeds with a striking look. These bunnies good-nature and docile temperament makes them good pets. In addition, they’re also a popular choice for showmanship due to their impressive size and distinctive markings. This article delves into the history, appearance, behavior, health/ lifespan, diet, and care of … Read more

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