History and origin of the harlequin rabbit breed

The harlequin rabbit was developed in Europe in the 20th century. The bunny was created by breeding the Belgian hare and the French Lop. The harlequin bunny is known for its unique pattern which consists of irregular broken color patches with a white coat background. The breed is popular among breeders and enthusiasts around the … Read more

Do rabbits recognize their owners?

Rabbits are intelligent and social animals that can not only recognize their owners but also form strong bonds with them. If rabbits are well-socialized and have a consistent daily routine with their owners, they are likely to show affection and recognition towards their owners. Some of the signs that a rabbit recognizes its owner include … Read more

Understanding and preventing rabbit aggression

Rabbit aggression is a common behavioral problem that can be quite frustrating for most bunny owners. However, it’s worth mentioning that rabbits are prey animals and aggression is an inherent form of defense mechanism. Aggressive behavior can include your bunny biting, scratching, thumping, or charging as we shall explain. It’s hence critical to recognize signs … Read more

The link between rabbits and Easter traditions

Easter is a holiday celebrated across the globe with family and friends coming together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One of the common traditions associated with this particular holiday is the exchange of Easter eggs and bunnies to symbolize the holiday. The link between rabbits and Easter traditions can be traced back to … Read more

How to properly handle and pick up your rabbit

Rabbits are fragile animals that need to be handled gently. When picking up a bunny, it’s important to do so with care to avoid injuring or stressing them. In this guide, we talk about the proper way to handle and pick up your rabbit as well as tips to make the entire experience comfortable for … Read more

How many Brussels sprouts can a rabbit eat

Brussels sprouts are small leafy green buds that most bunnies love to eat. They’re high in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals needed for a rabbit’s development. You might then ask; how many Brussel sprouts can a rabbit eat? Considering that rabbits have a sensitive digestive system, you should feed them Brussels sprouts in moderation. Keep … Read more

The role of rabbits in education and assisted therapy

Rabbits play a significant role when it comes to education and learning. They are involved in various settings such as schools and therapy centers to help both children and adults learn or develop social skills. Educational and learning programs use rabbits to teach students about animal care, biology, and being responsible. Rabbit-assisted therapy, on the … Read more

The benefits of keeping rabbit’s outdoors versus indoors

Keeping rabbits as pets is usually a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Some owners prefer to keep their bunnies indoors while others prefer to keep them outdoors. Both options have their pros and cons, therefore it’s imperative to consider the specific needs of your bunny before making a decision. In this article, we will look at … Read more

How to properly take care of a rabbit

Knowing how to take care of a rabbit is essential when it comes to the overall health and well-being of your bunny. Proper nutrition, a conducive environment, and veterinary checkups go a long way in improving your rabbit’s overall quality of life. So how do you properly take care of a rabbit? Keep reading to … Read more

How to build a rabbit playground

Building a playground for your bunny is usually a rewarding thing to do for your pet considering that you’re creating a secure and stimulating environment for playing and exercising. Prior to designing a rabbit playground, you’ll need to consider your rabbit’s safety and needs. In this article, we’ll talk about what it entails to build … Read more

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