White rabbit scientific name

Oryctolagus cuniculus is a white rabbit scientific name, which also applies to more than 300 European bunny breeds. In other words, Oryctolagus is the genus while cuniculus represents the species name. White rabbits and all domestic rabbits, in general, belong to the Leporidae family and in the order Lagomorpha which also includes hare and pikas. … Read more

How many carrots can a rabbit eat in a day?

Carrots are probably one of the most popular veggies most people associate bunnies with. So, how many carrots can a rabbit eat in a day? The fact of the matter is that rabbits are herbivores whose main diet consists of plants, mainly hay. In other words, they should eat carrots sparingly and in moderation, since … Read more

Calmest rabbit breeds that make great pets

Some rabbit owners prefer to adopt calm, docile, and laid-back rabbits as opposed to active or energetic ones. Regardless of whether your bunny is a miniature, medium, or giant breed, the calmer they are the better suited they are as pets, especially if they live indoors. Additionally, calm rabbit breeds are also ideal for first-time … Read more

Rabbit bed ideas

A rabbit bed is essentially their safe heaven where they go to sleep or rest in. An ideal bed should feel safe and comfortable enough for rabbits since that’s one of the places where they spend most of their in. Additionally, rabbits also tend to chew their beds hence the reason why natural beds made … Read more

How to get a bunny to like you

To be in a rabbit’s good books is essential if you want to build a strong bond with them. Since bunnies are prey animals, they’re often skittish with an independent mindset unlike other pets such as dogs and cats. How to get a bunny to like you normally boils down to the effort, patience, and … Read more

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease: Signs and symptoms

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease or viral hemorrhagic disease is a form of viral hepatitis, fatal among European rabbits. The virus has three strains namely RHDV1, RHDVa, and RHDV2, which also affect wild rabbits. The latter is currently the new strain with a mortality rate of between 70 to 100%. What causes rabbit hemorrhagic disease? This disease … Read more

The best rabbit hay diet

Rabbit hay plays a pivotal role in the health and development of a rabbit. Its high fiber content helps to maintain their digestive tract and also wears down their teeth, keeping them in good shape. Although there are many hay varieties out there, we’re going to cover the healthiest and most nutritious. In addition, we’ll … Read more

Angora rabbit breed: info and facts

The Angora rabbit has a distinctive long and fine wooly coat that has a 14 to 16-micrometer diameter and grows 3 centimeters per month. This particular breed is one of the oldest domestic rabbits originating from Ankara which is presently turkey. There are 5 main Angora rabbit breeds namely the English, German, French, Satin, and Giant Angora. … Read more

Why does my rabbit bite me?

Although rabbits are gentle and affectionate animals, they’ll occasionally bite when they feel threatened or stressed. In other words, domestic rabbits mainly nibble to protect or defend themselves. Their counterparts in the wild, however, live in colonies or herds and will often bite to assert hierarchical dominance. So why does my rabbit bite me? This … Read more

Rabbit digging box ideas

Although digging is a natural behavior for rabbits, it can be destructive especially if they’re housed indoors. In some instances, a bored bunny will dig holes through carpets, flooring, or even shred your valuable furnishing. So how do you solve this problem? One effective way is to get a rabbit digging box. This article talks … Read more

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