What to feed a rabbit with diarrhea

Rabbits are prone to various health problems, one of them being diarrhea or watery stool. As a result, they need a proper diet and a constant supply of clean drinking water to keep them hydrated. However, what lingers in most rabbit owners’ minds, is what to feed a rabbit with diarrhea. This article answers that … Read more

Rabbit care in rainy season

If you keep rabbits, more so outdoors, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to leave them outside during the rainy season. Will they get affected by the cold or when they get rained on? This article talks about rabbit care in rainy season and much more.   Can rabbits survive outdoors in rainy season? … Read more

Best breed of rabbit for first time owner

If you’re thinking of adopting a bunny for the very first time, you might be wondering, what’s the best breed of rabbit for a first time owner? For starters, your pet should be gentle, friendly, and also easier to take care of. Below are some of the popular rabbit breeds that are better suited for … Read more

Can rabbits free roam with dogs?

Despite the fact that rabbits are prey and dogs are predators, the two can coexist if they’re properly introduced. Most importantly, your dog should have a low prey drive and your rabbit should also be dog friendly if they’re to live harmoniously. Even if both species get along, the main question however is, can rabbits … Read more

How to train a rabbit to roll over

Rabbits are intelligent animals that can be trained to do basic tricks. With a little patience and persistence, rabbits will respond promptly to your basic commands. However, what most owners are yet to learn is how to train a rabbit to roll over. Keep reading to find out how you can teach your bunny this … Read more

Can rabbits and chickens share a run?

If you’re keeping both rabbits and chickens, you may probably wonder if the two can get along. If so, can rabbits and chickens share a run? The short answer is yes. However, certain factors need to be considered beforehand as we shall discuss in this article.   Can rabbits and chickens share a run? Surprisingly … Read more

How long does a rabbit spay operation take?

Rabbit Spaying or ovariohysterectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a Doe’s uterus and ovaries to keep them sterile. If you want to desex your bunny you might probably wonder, how long does a rabbit spay operation take? This article answers that; it also talks about post-spay care and everything related to … Read more

Can rabbits recognize faces?

Considering how smart rabbits are, with proper training, they can learn a few tricks and basic commands. The main question however is, can rabbits recognize faces? This article answers that and also looks into just how intelligent rabbits are as pets. Can rabbits recognize faces? The short answer is yes. Rabbits are good at recognizing … Read more

Can rabbits eat horse hay?

If you keep rabbits and have a ton of horse hay, you might be wondering, can rabbits eat horse hay? The short answer is yes, however, it needs to be fresh and dry with no molds. This article looks at the benefits of rabbits eating horse hay among other frequently related questions regarding this topic. … Read more

How to take care of a rabbit in an apartment

Rabbits make great indoor pets especially if you know how to meet their day-to-day needs. Apartment rabbits essentially need at least 12 square feet of space and most importantly, a healthy diet. Additionally, you also need to provide a safe environment for your pets by rabbit-proofing your house. In other words, how to take care … Read more

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