Can rabbits eat kale?

Kale is a leafy vegetable belonging to the Brassica Oleracea group, commonly known for their edible leaves. However, one of the questions often asked by bunny owners is, can rabbits eat Kale? And if so, is safe or fit for rabbit consumption? Our article not only answers that but it also looks at the nutritional … Read more

Interpreting the Hidden Meaning behind Rabbits Symbolism

Rabbit symbolism is often a mystery to many different cultures across the globe. Whether it’s in spirituality, arts, literature, dreams, astrology, or zodiac signs, the correct interpretation is key to the knowledge of each meaning behind the rabbit symbolism. This article delves deep into the hidden layers of rabbit symbolism and their evolved meanings over … Read more

Can rabbits eat cabbage?

Considering that rabbits are herbivorous and their diet consists of vegetables, one might wonder, can they eat cabbage? This article not only answers that but, it also looks at how to introduce the diet to your bunny and whether it’s healthy or provides any nutritional value. On top of that, it also talks about what … Read more

Can rabbits swim?

If you’ve seen viral videos of bunnies in water or perhaps you have a pool in your yard, you might be wondering, can rabbits swim? This article not only answers that, but it also looks into whether they like to swim and if it’s safe for them. On top of that, we touch on whether … Read more

Can rabbits eat radishes?

When it comes to feeding rabbits vegetables, there’s quite a variety to choose from. One particular crispy root vegetable that may come to most bunny owner’ minds are radishes. Can rabbits eat them? If so, how do you introduce this new vegetable diet, what’s the recommended quantity, and does it have any nutritional value? This … Read more

Can rabbits see in the dark?

Considering that rabbits are crepuscular (mostly active at dusk and dawn), they can navigate well in low-light conditions. However, the question that piques the curiosity of many is, can rabbits see in the dark? This article not only answers that but it also sheds light on a rabbit’s vision in general.   Can rabbits see … Read more

Can rabbits eat corn?

Considering that corn is nutrient-packed with carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals such as B12, Iron, and folic acid, most rabbit owners often wonder, can rabbits eat corn? Keep reading to find out whether corn is fit for rabbit consumption, the health benefits it provides rabbits if any as well as the side effects. Can rabbits eat … Read more

Can rabbits eat parsley?

Although we know that rabbits eat a wide range of herbs, the question most bunny owners wonder is can rabbits eat parsley? And if so, what nutritional value does the herb provide? In addition, how do you introduce this new diet, and what quantity should you feed your bunnies? This article answers all the common … Read more

Why rabbit vaccinations are important

Rabbits just like any other pets are susceptible and vulnerable to viral diseases with a high mortality rate such as Myxomatosis, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD), and RHD2. Fortunately, annual vaccinations can help prevent infection of these life-threatening illnesses. This article looks into the importance of rabbit vaccinations, the viral illnesses in question, and when exactly … Read more

What do rabbit holes look like?

If you come across a hole in your backyard, farm, or in the wild, and are probably wondering whether it’s a rabbit hole or not, then this article is for you. Bunnies are natural burrowers that dig holes referred to as burrows primarily for shelter purposes. So how do you identify a rabbit hole? Our … Read more

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