English angora rabbit care

The English Angora rabbit is among the smallest of all the angoras breeds and typically weighs 5 to 6 pounds. It has wooly lustrous fur on its body ears, face, and legs, making the breed require more grooming than your typical short-haired rabbit. This article looks into English angora rabbit care in general.   English … Read more

What rabbit breeds get along with dogs

If you have a dog and are thinking of getting a bunny or vice versa, then you’re probably wondering what rabbit breeds get along with dogs. Considering that rabbits are prey animals while dogs are predators, the two coexisting seems unnatural and most unlikely. However, it’s quite possible if you adopt a rabbit breed that’s … Read more

Do rabbits get along with hamsters?

Rabbits and hamsters are both adorable pets quite popular in many households. If you already have a bunny and are probably thinking about adopting a hamster, you might be wondering, do rabbits get along with hamsters? This article digs deep into whether these two species can coexist and if not, why?   Do rabbits and … Read more

How to bond two unspayed female rabbits

Creating a bond between two Does is difficult to pull off, but not impossible. However, the question that lingers in most rabbit owners’ minds is how to bond two unspayed female rabbits. Although the best rabbit pair is normally between a male and a female, this article expounds more on pairing two desexed females and … Read more

Can you keep rabbits with ducks?

Whether you’re a farmer or an avid pet owner with the intention to adopt both a rabbit and a duck, you’re probably wondering, can you keep rabbits with ducks? The short answer is, no, the two animals shouldn’t live together. Considering that rabbits and ducks are different species, each one has its own distinct needs … Read more

Giant rabbit health problems

Giant rabbit breeds have a docile and friendly temperament which makes them ideal pets. Some owners usually prefer them over them your average-sized bunny for one reason or another. However, the bigger the rabbit, the more care they need. Whether you’re a novice or avid grooming who’s probably wondering what giant rabbit health problems are, … Read more

Can rabbits breed with hares?

Although rabbits and hares belong to the same Leporidae family of the order Lagomorpha, they’re totally different species. All the 305 domestic rabbit breeds and even cottontails (wild rabbits) are descendants of the European rabbit, while hares or jackrabbits are descendants of the Lepus genus. So can rabbits breed with hares? The short answer is … Read more

What to feed a sick rabbit

Rabbits just like most domestic animals can get ill which often results in loss of appetite. Regardless of whether they’re sick or not, bunnies need to eat day and night in order to keep their digestive tract running. If they cant eat on their own, then syringe feeding is usually the best option. However, what … Read more

How to cut an aggressive rabbits nails

How to cut an aggressive rabbits nails is one of the challenges most rabbit owners face. Their nails tend to grow over time and need to be trimmed after every one or two months. Overgrown nails tend to cause discomfort, thus making it harder for bunnies to gain traction especially if they’re both long and … Read more

Best rabbit breeds for apartments

If you live in an apartment complex and you’re probably wondering whether it’s a good idea to adopt a bunny, rest assured it is. Although rabbits are high maintenance, they certainly make great indoor companions since they don’t much space. Below are some of the best rabbit breeds ideal for apartments in terms of temperament, … Read more

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