How many Brussels sprouts can a rabbit eat

Brussels sprouts are small leafy green buds that most bunnies love to eat. They’re high in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals needed for a rabbit’s development. You might then ask; how many Brussel sprouts can a rabbit eat? Considering that rabbits have a sensitive digestive system, you should feed them Brussels sprouts in moderation. Keep … Read more

Can rabbits eat bread?

Although bread is a common staple food for some if not most bunny owners, it’s natural for them to wonder if rabbits can eat bread. While bread seems like a tasty treat for bunnies, it is not healthy neither is it advisable to feed your rabbits. The main reason why rabbits shouldn’t eat bread is … Read more

The importance of proper rabbit nutrition and diet

Proper nutrition is essential to the overall health and well-being of your bunny. A balanced diet helps prevent common health problems such as obesity and digestive issues. Inadequate nutrition can lead to a shorter rabbit lifespan. In other words, bunnies basically need to feed mainly on fresh hay substituted with veggies and pellets. Keep reading … Read more

Cheapest way to feed rabbits

Most rabbit owners can agree that feeding a bunny, in the long run, can be quite expensive. This is especially true if you keep more than one rabbit and provide them with a balanced diet of fresh hay, pellets, veggies, and fruits. The main question most keepers normally ask is, what’s the cheapest way to … Read more

How to make hay for rabbits at home

Hay is a rabbit’s main diet and normally comes with a variety of health benefits. Although hay is abundantly available at local or online pet stores, it can be costly for rabbit owners who keep more than one rabbit in the long run. However, the question that lingers in most owners’ minds is, how to … Read more

Do rabbits eat mango leaves?

Mangoes are highly nutritious and are among the top favorite fruits for bunnies. However, the question that lingers in most owners’ minds is, do rabbits eat mango leaves? The short answer is yes. Keep reading to find out what nutritional value these particular leaves provide for your bunnies. Nourishment mango leaves provide for rabbits Mango … Read more

What can bunnies drink besides water?

Water is without a doubt an essential drink for rabbits considering that it contributes to the proper functioning of their organs. In others it essentially gets rid of waste, regulates bodily temperature, and also helps keeps your pet’s digestive tract in order. However, that being said, most owners often wonder what can bunnies drink besides … Read more

Can rabbits feed on maize bran?

Maize bran is basically a byproduct of grits or flour that comes from maize grain. The main question some bunny owners often ask is, can rabbits feed on maize bran? The short answer is yes they can. This highly nutritious diet contains starch and proteins that are essential for the growth and development of rabbits. … Read more

Can rabbits eat banana leaves?

Although bunnies love to eat bananas, the main question most owners often ask is, can rabbits eat banana leaves? The short answer is yes they can. However, just like any other edible leafy plants, we recommend feeding your bunnies sparingly, at most three times per week. Keep reading to find out more on this topic … Read more

What to feed a rabbit with diarrhea

Rabbits are prone to various health problems, one of them being diarrhea or watery stool. As a result, they need a proper diet and a constant supply of clean drinking water to keep them hydrated. However, what lingers in most rabbit owners’ minds, is what to feed a rabbit with diarrhea. This article answers that … Read more

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