Can rabbits eat oranges?

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To keep your rabbits healthy, feeding them a balanced diet that contains fruits in small quantities is recommended. Although fruits are generally good treats for rabbits, not all are healthy snacks for your furry companion. This begs the question, can rabbits eat oranges? This article not only answers that but also looks at how to introduce the new diet, the nutritional benefits oranges provide rabbits, and the consequences of excessive intake.

Can bunnies eat oranges?

Rabbits can eat oranges, however moderately and on occasion. However, due to the high sugar content and considering that rabbits have sensitive stomachs, before serving them the fruit, always make sure that your bunny is at least 3 months old.  The recommended quantity to feed your rabbit is a slice cut up into smaller pieces serving them once per week. Lastly, avoid serving your rabbit the fruit with the seeds as they are a potential choking hazard.


Introducing oranges to your rabbit’s diet

For starters, ensure that the oranges are ripe and not wilted before serving your rabbits sparingly. Needless to say, peel the orange, remove the white pith cut a small slice, then chop it into smaller edible pieces. Introduce the orange pieces gradually in intervals, then wait for 24 hours to see if your bunny is displaying any signs of stomach discomfort. If your rabbit has soft poop or diarrhea, cease serving them the piece of orange immediately. However, if their stomach accepts their new diet, continue serving them the same quantity as a treat.


The nutritional value oranges provide rabbits

Oranges are a great source of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the overall growth and development of rabbits. The fruit is rich in vitamins A and C. The former is responsible for improving a rabbit’s vision and skin care. Vitamin C on the other hand helps to boost a rabbit’s immunity. Oranges also contain high water content which helps keep your bunny hydrated, more so during summer.


Risks of feeding rabbit’s excessive orange

Rabbits eating excessive oranges can have adverse effects on their health. Firstly, the high sugar content the fruit contains can lead to obesity or tooth decay. Additionally, excessive vitamin C not only causes kidney damage but also leads to gut bacterial imbalance which essentially disrupts the absorption of nutrients in a rabbit’s digestive tract.


Can rabbits drink orange juice?

Yes, however, make sure that it’s a small amount, preferably only a few sips. Always ensure that you dilute the juice first before serving your rabbit. Lastly, never substitute a bunny’s drinking water with orange juice since it normally contains high sugar content which is unhealthy for rabbits.



Although rabbits can eat oranges, they should be served sparingly as a treat. Always bear in mind that their primary diet should comprise primarily 85%, of hay, 10% of greens, and the remaining 5%, which should comprise pellets, oranges, and other fruits as treats.

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