Rabbit bed ideas

A rabbit bed is essentially their safe heaven where they go to sleep or rest in. An ideal bed should feel safe and comfortable enough for rabbits since that’s one of the places where they spend most of their in. Additionally, rabbits also tend to chew their beds hence the reason why natural beds made … Read more

How much space does a rabbit need?

Whether your bunny is an indoor or outdoor pet, sufficient space is essential for their well-being. A rabbit just like most pets not only needs proper care but also an area to play, run and exercise. So how much space does a rabbit need? In general, an enclosure should be at least 8 square feet … Read more

Can rabbits live outside in winter?

  How much cold can rabbits tolerate? And can rabbits live outside in winter? These are the questions that linger in the mind of most outdoor rabbit owners. The short answer is, yes, they can. Rabbits adapt well to cold temperatures since they naturally grow thick fur to keep their bodies warm. This article looks … Read more

Rabbit proofing your home: The complete guide

Most indoor rabbit owners can agree that rabbit proofing is a great idea, especially if you have valuable belongings lying around the house. A bunny is an instinctively curious animal and will chew nearly anything it can get hold of. Bunny proofing is, therefore, necessary if you want to protect stuff that your adorable pet … Read more

How to clean a rabbit cage the proper way

A bunny’s habitat plays a pivotal role in its overall health. You should clean a rabbit cage as often as possible to prevent it from being a dump, smelly, and unbearable. It is therefore essential to keep your rabbit’s cage clean if you want them to lead a healthy life. This article talks about all … Read more

How long should you leave a rabbit in a cage/hutch?

Most rabbit owners might be uncertain about the recommended timeframe to leave a rabbit in a cage or hutch. It becomes an issue worth pondering over considering the tight schedule forcing people to leave their pets unattended for hours. This article talks about all there is to know about how long your bunny needs to … Read more

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