The benefits of keeping rabbit’s outdoors versus indoors

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Keeping rabbits as pets is usually a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Some owners prefer to keep their bunnies indoors while others prefer to keep them outdoors. Both options have their pros and cons, therefore it’s imperative to consider the specific needs of your bunny before making a decision. In this article, we will look at the benefits of keeping rabbits outdoors versus indoors.  

Advantages of keeping rabbits outdoors


  • More space

Outdoor enclosures typically have more space for bunnies to explore and move around compared to keeping rabbits indoors in cages or pens. An outdoor bunny is therefore less likely to easily get bored considering that they’re physically active and mentally stimulated. In other words, outdoor rabbits get to engage in natural behavior such as digging and foraging unlike when they’re housed indoors. Quite often indoor rabbits kept in confined spaces may end up with health issues such as muscle obesity or muscle atrophy.

  • Natural environment

The other advantage of keeping rabbits outdoors is that they get to experience nature in a way that indoor bunnies do not. In the outdoors, your pets are exposed to sights, sounds, and smells that nature provides similar to when they’re in the wild.

  • Access to sunlight and fresh air

Exposure to sunlight and fresh air can be beneficial for your bunny’s mental and physical health. For instance, fresh air essentially helps to improve the respiratory health of a rabbit. It basically gives your rabbit the opportunity to breathe various scents and odors which in turn can be stimulating by providing enrichment for your rabbits. On the other hand, sunlight helps provide your bunny with vitamin D which helps to regulate their body clock and sleep patterns.  

Advantages of keeping rabbits indoors


  • Safety

One of the benefits an indoor environment offers your bunny is safety. Your pet is basically protected from predators or extreme weather which may cause harm to a rabbit, unlike in an outdoor setup.

  • Ease of care

Indoor rabbits are easier to monitor and provide consistent care to as opposed to when they’re kept outdoors. In addition, rabbits living indoors have limited space to roam which makes them less likely to get escape or get injured, provided your house is bunny proofed.

  • Convenience

Keeping rabbits indoors may be convenient for owners who have limited outdoor space or who live in urban areas. Additionally, keeping a rabbit indoors makes it easier to bond, monitor, or cater to their needs.



In short, keeping rabbits outdoors or indoors has both its advantages and disadvantages. However, it ultimately depends on the owners living situation and whether they’ll meet their pet’s needs. Regardless of your choice, always provide your bunnies with a conducive living space. On top of that, also ensure that they’re getting proper nutrition, enough exercise, and mental stimulation.

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