How to build a rabbit playground

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Building a playground for your bunny is usually a rewarding thing to do for your pet considering that you’re creating a secure and stimulating environment for playing and exercising. Before designing a rabbit playground, you’ll need to consider your rabbit’s safety and needs. In this article, we’ll talk about what it entails to build a rabbit playground, from choosing a location and the materials needed to assemble it from scratch.

  1. Playground location

When choosing a location for your bunny’s playground, always ensure that the area is safe from predators. It should also be free from hazardous plants or anything with the potential to cause harm to your rabbit.

The location where you intend to build the playground should also have plenty of shade to prevent your rabbits from overheating especially in hot summers. Setting the playground under a tree or a covered area protected from the sun’s rays is always recommended.


  1. Playground materials

When choosing playground materials, it’s pivotal that you consider your rabbit’s size, needs, and also the durability of the materials you intend to use. In other words, we recommend using nontoxic sturdier material where necessary, such as the basic ones below.

  • Cardboard boxes: These will be used to create hiding spots or a safe haven your rabbit can retreat to when they need to.


  • Wooden planks: You’ll need wooden planks preferably made from untreated wood such as cedar or pine. These are useful for making the playground structure in addition to ramps or somewhere your bunny can climb on.


  • PVC pipes/Plastic tubing: These pipes will come in handy when you want to create tunnels or other structures your bunny can explore or play in.


  1. Construction

For this step, you’ll need to use tools such as saws, screwdrivers, and drills to assemble your playground by fastening materials together. It’s important to consider building a spacious play area that is large enough to accommodate a bunny’s natural behavior. Start off by building the base of your playground using sturdy material that is able to support your rabbit’s weight when it moves around. This includes the wooden frame and the PVC pipes that you’ll use to create an elaborate structure. Below are some of the things to consider when it comes to building a rabbit’s playground base.


Size: Always ensure that the playground base is large enough to accommodate your rabbits by allowing them to play and explore. In other words, it should be at least 32 square feet.

Stability: The base needs to be sturdy enough to support your rabbit’s weight without collapsing or tipping over.

Materials: Work with materials that are safe when ingested by your rabbit. In other words, your PVC pipes and wood should be made from non-toxic material.

Height: The playground base should have a height that allows your rabbit to easily access all areas.


  1. Climbing or jumping sections


Once you’ve built the playground base, you can go ahead and add any climbing or jumping sections. You can build ramps using the wooden planks your bunny can use when exploring their play area. The key is basically to create a secure and stable base that’s safer and worth playing in.


  1. Hiding spots

The next step is to create hiding spots using cardboard boxes your rabbit can occasionally hide in. Considering that bunnies are prey animals, they naturally have the instinct to seek hiding spots whenever they feel threatened or stressed out. Alternatively, you can also create hiding areas using logs, branches, or other natural materials.


  1. Playground safeguarding

Once you’ve completed building the playground you’ll need to make sure that it’s safe and secure for your bunny. You can do so by fixing sharp edges, and unstable sections or removing any potentially hazardous material your bunny can ingest.


  1. Maintenance

Lastly, even after safeguarding the playground, you’ll need to go further by making a few repairs here and there, or occasionally replacing broken items. On top of that, your rabbit’s playground also needs to be well maintained, meaning that you need to clean it regularly.


Building a playground with tunnels, hiding spots, ramps, or climbing surfaces, essentially provides your rabbit with an enriched environment that allows them to express its natural behavior. In the end, it provides your bunny with both mental and physical nourishment.


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