Can rabbits eat corn?

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Considering that corn is nutrient-packed with carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals such as B12, Iron, and folic acid, most rabbit owners often wonder, can rabbits eat corn? Keep reading to find out whether corn is fit for rabbit consumption, the health benefits it provides rabbits if any as well as the side effects.

Can rabbits eat corn?

The short answer is no. Corn contains high amounts of sugar and starch content, which is normally unhealthy when ingested by rabbits. It’s worth pointing out however that, parts of corn such as the leaves, stalk, and husk without the hair are healthy for rabbit consumption. Nonetheless, feed your bunnies moderately and on occasion. Before that always make sure that the three edible parts of the corn plant are washed thoroughly to remove any traces of chemicals or pesticides.

Can rabbits eat baby sweetcorn?

Although rabbits may prefer the taste of baby sweetcorn, it’s not safe for rabbit consumption. Firstly, its high sugar and starch content is most likely to cause gut bacteria disruption which may cause stomach issues for your bunny.


Can bunnies eat canned sweetcorn?

Canned sweetcorn contains extra sugar and preservatives which makes it unhealthy for rabbits to consume. In addition, canned sweetcorn compared to field corn is softer and highly likely to make your rabbits obese due to the high starch level it contains.

Can rabbits eat cooked corn?

Not only is it not advisable to feed your rabbits cooked corn, but all cooked food in general. This is simply because a rabbit’s digestive tract is sensitive and designed to only obtain nutrients from raw edible plant material. On top of that, cooked corn has no nutritional value for bunnies.


Can rabbits eat popcorn?

What about one of our favorite snacks? Can rabbits eat popcorn? Unfortunately, the answer is still no. Popcorn just like corn, is unhealthy for rabbits. It can cause Gastrointestinal Stasis, diarrhea, impaction, and obesity, or the snack is also a choking hazard for your rabbit due to the indigestible hulls.


The effects of rabbits feeding on any corn variety

Considering that rabbits have a sensitive stomach, corn is difficult to digest which as a result may cause intestinal track blockage, a condition known as impaction. In other words, the ingested corn rots in the gut since it fails to be absorbed in the intestines. This in turn, eventually leads to bloating and the buildup of harmful bacteria which can be fatal if left untreated.

Gastrointestinal Stasis is another health issue that will affect rabbits that eat corn. The high carbohydrates found in corn essentially disrupt a rabbit’s digestive bacteria which slows down or stops chewed food from moving in their guy entirely.

The other risk of feeding your rabbits corn is that it can be a choking hazard for rabbits especially if it has a tougher texture. Lastly, feeding your rabbit corn may also lead to your rabbit being obese. In the long run, this may lead to arthritis or cardiovascular diseases.



Can rabbits eat corn? No, they shouldn’t. Unlike maize bran, corn is unfit for rabbit consumption. A rabbit should have a balanced diet consisting of hay, substituted by edible vegetables, pellets, herbs, and fruits as an occasional treat.

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