Are bunnies and rabbits the same thing?

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Quite often the words bunnies and rabbits are used interchangeably in conversations or when referring to these hopping mammals. This then begs the question, are bunnies and rabbits the same thing? Yes, the two terms are synonymous, considering that a rabbit or bunny is the same animal.

Are the two terms truly different?

As mentioned above, the answer is no. However, it’s worth pointing out that there are distinctions in the connotation they carry and how each term is used. For instance, the word “bunny” is used when referencing young rabbits or those that are particularly portrayed endearingly.

To be specific, “bunny” is used as a subset of the broader category word, when describing rabbits. In other words, when bunnies grow up, they typically become adult rabbits. The difference between bunnies and rabbits is not only primarily related to their age but also how they’re perceived. So, in essence, whether you use the term “rabbit” or “bunny”, just know that you’re referring to the same animal either at different age stages or when using emotional connotations.


The terminological tangle

Although both technically belong to the same genus, Oryctolagus, and family Leporidae, there’s a nuanced difference in how the two terms are used and the context under which they are applied.


  • Bunny as an endearment term

The term “bunny” is often used as an endearment used in a more informal context. The word is often used as an affectionate nickname for both younger and older rabbits in general. The term bunny evokes a sense of innocence and cuteness which makes it a popular word choice when generally referring to these furry cuddlier pets. Lastly, the word bunny is often used in pop culture to depict animals that are adorable and great companions.


  • Rabbit: The scientific and formal term


The term “rabbit” on the other hand, is a more scientific and accurate way of referring to these furry hopping mammals. In other words, the word ‘’rabbit” is used in biology and zoology when describing these animals from the family Leporidae.

The term “rabbits” basically describes mammals Known for their distinctive long ears, large hind legs, and short fluffy tails. In the wild, these animals live in grasslands or forest habitats. Rabbits are also known to be social animals mostly living in colonies and mainly use body language cues as a means of communication.




Bunnies and rabbits are terminologies that are nuancedly interconnected although they both refer to the same animal. In other words,  the term “rabbit” is used in formal and scientific referencing, the term “bunny” is used as an endearment particularly when referring to rabbits are adorable furry companions.


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