How to train a rabbit to do tricks

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How to train a rabbit to do tricks is one of the questions potential owners usually ask. One of the misconceptions about rabbits is that they are hard to train. On the contrary, bunnies are quite intelligent animals. Most owners usually find it difficult to train their pet bunny. Perhaps they haven’t created a real bond or maybe they’re using the wrong approach. This article looks at some of the tricks you can successfully train your rabbits to do.


What tricks can I train my pet rabbit to do?  


Just like dogs, you can train your rabbits to come to you or do tricks, however, it requires a little bit of patience and persistence. Below are some of the methods you can use to train your pet bunny.


  • How to teach your rabbit how to come to you


One of the most amazing things you can do is to train your bunny to come to you whenever you call their name. The best way to do so is by offering them a reward when they come to you. You can either give them a piece of their favorite fruit or pellets.

Start by leaning down close to your pet and then offering them a treat before calling their name. At first, they won’t be able to associate their name with the treat, however, in the next attempts call their name and then give them a treat.

Repeat the procedure over and over until your pet associates its name with a reward. Although some rabbits learn quicker than others, it’s fair to say that within a few weeks your pet will have mastered its name and will hop to you when called.


  • How to teach your rabbit how to jump on command

The other trick you can teach your bunny is how to jump on command. Start by holding a treat that you want your pet to jump onto while ensuring that they see it. Proceed by instructing them to jump on that particular spot you prefer, while emphasizing using your hands. In case they fail to jump, give them the treat so that they associate it with your coach, chair, table, etc.

Consistency is key, repeat the process over and over until they start paying close attention then hold the treat further back so that they have no option but to jump to get it.


  • How to sit up

Teaching your bunny to sit up on command is another amazing trick that’s definitely worth it. For starters, rabbits naturally sit up on their hind legs making this particular trick easy to teach your pet. Begin when your bunny has all four feet on the floor, then place a treat above its head. Instruct them to sit up when they rise to get the treat using their hind legs. Repeat this particular step until your bunny can understand your command then, with time do away with the treat.

  • How to go inside its cage

Teaching your bunny to go inside its cage is ideal since it saves you all the trouble when you want them inside or when playtime is over. The first step is basically to ensure that your pet’s enclosure is a comfortable place to stay in. Start by holding a piece of your rabbit’s favorite treat close to its cage opening, while ensuring that your pet sees it then lure him/her inside. Instruct your pet to go inside then give them the treat. The general idea is to let your pet associate the cage with its favorite treat.

  • Spinning

This trick is fun and easy to learn as it entails your bunny doing a complete circle on command. First while holding a treat in your hand, try to lure your pet by rotating your hand in a circular motion. After completing the circle, use a clicker before giving them a treat. Repeat the procedure as many times as it takes until your pet gets the hang of it, then do away with the clicker and treats.


  • High five


Teaching your bunny to high-five is another trick worth training your pet especially when you want to impress your guests. For starters, to pull this particular trick off, you’ll need a clicker and of course your pet’s favorite treat. Using a lure try to teach your rabbit how to lift their paw or let them naturally do it, then click and give them a treat. Repeat this procedure until your bunny successfully learns, then do away with the treat. Teaching your rabbit how to lift either one or all of its paws will enable you to give them a high five.

Frequently asked questions related to rabbit training


  • Which rabbit breed is easy to train?

Mini lops are one of the most cheerful, playful, and easy-to-train rabbit breeds. They are also among the most popular rabbits that make great companions.


What type of rabbit breed is best for beginners?


New rabbit owners should consider adopting either the Dutch, Polish, Mini Rex, or mini lop breed. These particular bunnies are docile and gentle, hence making them suitable for first-time rabbit owners. However, it’s worth mentioning that with proper training, all bunnies have the potential for being adorable pets.


Which rabbit breed is the friendliest?


Although most pet rabbits with time get attached to their owners, some are usually friendlier and easier to bond with than others. For instance, the Rex, Mini Lop, Harlequins, Polish, and Lionheads are adorable breeds with low temperaments. On the other hand, the Chinchilla rabbits, Dutch, Himalayan, and Jersey Wooly are docile and easy to handle.


Which is easier to train a male or female rabbit?

Male bunnies are usually easier to train since they are usually less aggressive when neutered compared to their female counterpart. It is therefore recommended to choose a male rabbit especially if you’re a new owner.


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