Can a rabbit live in a playpen?

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Playpens are convenient enclosures that provide your bunny’s outdoor safety or offer a secure indoor free roaming space. Furthermore, it’s also easier to monitor and also interact with your pet. The main question however is; can a rabbit live in a playpen? Keep reading to find the answer and much more regarding this topic.

Rabbit play pen
Rabbit playpen and living space



Can a rabbit live in a playpen?

The short answer is yes. Bunnies can comfortably live in a playpen that measures at least 30 x 30 inches, both indoors and outdoors. However, for the latter’s location, you might also want to add a cage or hutch connected to the playpen. This will not only protect your bunnies from bad weather but also from lurking predators.

Additionally, the playpen should be at least 36 inches high to prevent your bunny from hoping out, irrespective of whether your pet is housed indoors or outdoors. To make their enclosure conducive, you need to ensure that certain requirements are met. Below are some of the essential factors you need to consider.

  • Safety

A rabbit’s safety is one of the key factors to consider when choosing an ideal bunny playpen. The material used should be sturdy and chew-proof. In addition, it should also be made of chemical-free material having blunt edges that are less likely to cause injuries.


  • Hideaway

For starters, your rabbit’s exercise or playpen needs to have a safe haven or a retreat spot. This is primarily because bunnies are prey animals that get spooked easily. As a result, they’re usually more comfortable when there’s a small hideaway that mimics a burrow in the wild. It can be a small cage, a  wooden or grass house they can retreat to if need be.

  • Play area

A secluded play area on a bunny’s playpen is also essential. On top of that, you can add their favorite toys such as chew balls, wooden mats, a digging box, or play tubes/tunnels. In other words, the more space you have in the play section, the more toys you should provide to keep your fluffy pet engaged.

  • Resting place

After all the hopping, digging, and chewing, your bunny will need a comfortable spot it can take a nap before getting back to it. You may want to pile hay or better yet, get them one of those biodegradable rabbit beds that are more comfortable. The resting spot is also the perfect spot you may consider placing your bunny’s litter box.

  • Feeding zone

You also need to have a separate area in the playpen for placing your rabbit’s food and water that’s accessible. Choose a spot where you can easily add a fresh food supply. On top of that, it should also be somewhere your pet is less likely to knock or contaminate their water bowl. Alternatively, you can always offer your rabbits drinking water using a bottle spout. Simply hang it somewhere secure on your playpen, preferably closer to the feeding zone.


  • Playpen position

Another factor worth considering is where to assemble your playpen. For indoor bunnies, an ideal position should be somewhere with less humidity, preferably away from the window or direct sunlight. The playpen should also be located in an area that’s easier to monitor your rabbits or where you can easily gain access to. This is mainly around the living room area, nevertheless, it should be free from loud noises.

On the other hand, if your playpen is housing outdoor rabbits, place it under a shade and cover the top when it rains. On top of that, also have a separate hutch connected to the playpen for the sake of your pet’s safety. Lastly, if your bunnies are permanently housed outdoors never leave your bunnies unattended for long periods. If possible fix the playpen near a window that gives you a direct view of your pets in the backyard.

  • Playpen flooring

An ideal playpen flooring should be comfortable enough and also provide traction for your rabbit’s feet. When it comes to indoor enclosure flooring, we normally recommended using soft surfaces such as carpets, grass mats, vinyl, or wooden flooring. For outdoor enclosures, always ensure that there are no poisonous plants around where you’ve set the playpen. Furthermore, the grass also needs to be free from fertilizers or pesticides.

  • Portability

Last but not least, a portable playpen is equally important more so if you’re always on the move with your rabbit. Under such circumstances, a portable playpen that’s easier to assemble and dismantle is very convenient.



Can a rabbit live in a playpen? A definite yes. This particular enclosure is definitely a must-have. It’s spacious, easier to clean, and most importantly secure. It’s also ideal for single apartments, family homes, or outdoors in a secure backyard.


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