Rabbit bed ideas

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A rabbit bed is essentially their safe haven where they go to sleep or rest. An ideal bed should feel safe and comfortable enough for rabbits since that’s one of the places where they spend most of their in.

Additionally, rabbits also tend to chew their beds hence the reason why natural beds made from hay or wood are the most preferred option. This article looks at the best rabbit beds whether your rabbit is free-range indoors, in an enclosure, or outdoors.


Do rabbits need a bed?

A bed isn’t mandatory, however, it keeps your rabbits more comfortable and content. In addition, a bed helps a rabbit favor their sleeping spot which aligns with their territorial nature. Lastly, a bed helps a rabbit distinguish where they sleep from where they excrete. In the long run, it helps prevent any diseases or health issues related to lying in their waste.

Rabbit bed

What kind of bed is best for a rabbit?


There are currently plenty of beds to choose from in the market. Below are some of the best in terms of comfort, durability, and material safety when ingested.


  • Wooden beds

A rabbit bed made from wood is ideal since it’s highly durable and also safe for your rabbits to chew on. Also, if possible, ensure that your rabbit’s bed is covered, in an enclosed sleeping area or a hideout that’s dark. This could be in their hutch or favorite spot. In other words, wooden beds that are covered essentially act as a burrow where your bunny can sleep or hide. Lastly, use hay for their bedding, the rule of thumb is the more natural their bed and bedding are, the safer it is for them when ingested.


  • Grass mats

Grass mats make ideal rabbit beds since their small size fits well in most cages or hutches. This particular rabbit bed is also great for bunnies that love to chew or dig, as it comes with a natural grass mat that’s edible. The biodegradable material essentially brings comfort to your bunnies since its soft texture helps to reduce friction between a rabbit’s feet and the floor.

  • Hammocks

Hammocks make great rabbit beds since they’re quite cozy, with a soft stretchable cradle they can rest in. There are different types of hammocks, for instance, we have one that can be attached to the corner of your bunny’s cage or huge. On the other hand, we have a rabbit-hanging bed that comes with a mini table. In other words, they can sit on top or beneath the hammock table. Lastly, it’s always recommendable to get them a hammock that’s eco-friendly preferably those with a wooden cradle.


  • Baskets

Baskets are another ideal rabbit bed option since they are not only comfortable but also a good chew choice. Rabbit bed baskets come in different varieties such as straw, cardboard, paper, logs, sticks pine cones, and wicker baskets. These sleeping or resting baskets come in different designs too. Some are round, oval, or square-shaped with a small entrance while others lack one. Again, you can add hay to the baskets to make your rabbit feel more at home.


Rabbit Bed DIY Ideas


Other than purchasing a rabbit bed, you can create a DIY bed. It doesn’t have to look exactly like a bed. The main thing is to have a separate spot in a cage or hutch that’s different from where they eat or use it as the bathroom. A simple layered DIY bed that’s soft or warm goes a long way. Other than hay, you can use aspen or plain shredded paper as a rabbit bed.



Although rabbit beds provide more comfort, sometimes they’re never met with excitement. If you find that your rabbit prefers to sleep in a specific zone other than on their new bed, try placing the bed in their favorite spot. In most cases, rabbits prefer a dark and secluded spot that’s similar to a warren, since it makes them feel naturally at home.


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