The best rabbit toys

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Rabbit toys play a pivotal role when it comes to mental stimulation, exercise, and entertainment. Additionally, they also allow bunnies to indulge in natural behavior which involves jumping, chewing, and digging. The good thing about the rabbit toys listed in this article is that they’re quite affordable. Below is a list of the best toys for your adorable bunnies regardless of breed type.


  •  Snack Board

 This engaging toy is ideal for mental stimulation. A rabbit is tasked to find food inside small pieces of small concealed caps, arranged on a plastic board. In other words, the snack board enables your pet to toss, nibble, and lift the cap leads off to find its food.


  • Chewable Ball

One of the best toys to get your pet bunny to chew or roll is a chewable ball, preferably one that’s made from natural materials such as seagrass. This particular toy is helpful when it comes to mental stimulation. They are also made from ingestible materials that weigh less than an ounce and come in different textures, densities, and scents. Lastly, you can stuff the playing balls with treats which can be more rewarding for them.


  •  Treat ball

A treat ball is one of those rabbit toys that is engaging and worth purchasing for your pet. It’s typically made from lightweight durable plastic which comes in an egg shape. The treat ball has a small hole at the bottom, where the treat comes out when your bunny strategically moves or rolls it. Not only is it fun to play with, but it also enables your pet to easily roll it due to its smooth exterior. In other words, it has no bumps or loose ends that your pet can nibble. Furthermore, you can also unscrew this particular ball and fill it up with pellets or other treats.


  • Hanging chew toy

The other toy I highly recommend for your pet is the hanging chew toy. This amazing toy comes in different shapes, textures, and flavors. You can pin it securely on the bars of the exercise pen or play area using its hanging strands. Since rabbits love to gnaw and play, the hanging chew toy will provide them with both. This toy comes with a chewable material made from branches, untreated wood, corn leaf, cardboard, sisal, or bulrush that also helps to maintain your pet’s teeth.

  • Tunnels and tubes

Bunnies are typically inquisitive animals who love to explore narrow spaces. Tunnels and tubes basically provide your pets with entertainment and mental stimulation since they get to participate in their natural behavior (hiding and exploring).

There’s a high likelihood of destruction when rabbits play under the bed or couch unlike when they’re in a tunnel or a tube. This particular toy has a tough portable plastic tube that you can easily pack away when not in use. Rabbit tunnels are also easy to clean and they’re typically usable both indoors and outdoors.


  • Digging box

Rabbits love to dig naturally and will often try placing their claws or paws on woven mats or rags lying around the house. A digging box comes in handy when you fill it with hay, easily shreddable paper, or rolls. Avoid using sand at all costs as it tends to cause intestinal blockages when ingested. Lastly, when selecting a digging box, just ensure that it’s 5 inches high with a length of at least 15 by 15 inches.


  • Foraging mat

A foraging mat made from natural material is another perfect rabbit toy that will definitely satisfy their desire to gnaw. This particular mat is made from natural straw providing your pet with chemical-free food that’s also and healthy to ingest. Alternatively, you can also place tasty treats underneath the foraging mat to make the entire feeding process more rewarding.

  • Willow tent

A willow tent is another ideal hideaway toy to buy for your rabbits. They can snuggle up when they prefer personal space. Bunnies instinctively love to hide particularly in the wild to escape from predators. It’s therefore ideal to buy them a willow tent which is important for their psychological well-being and also to chew on. Willow tents are typically made from natural materials such as tree branches and are ideal for both indoor and outdoors use.

How to create an enabling playing environment

  • Rabbit-proof your house and ensure that the play area is safe and wide enough for them to stretch, considering that they’re normally caged most of the time.
  • When it comes to open spaces or hallways, ensure that your floors are bare to give your bunnies traction while they play.
  • Separate other pets that don’t get along with your bunnies from their play area. Other than that, ensure that your bunny has a personal space they can go to when they need to rest.
  • Lastly, if possible, always try to provide your bunny with a bonding companion. Rabbits are typically social animals that dislike being alone, and pairing them is usually recommended.



Although all the rabbit toys mentioned above are safe for your pets to play with, ensure that you keep any valuable items away from them. Alternatively, you can also restrict their play area in the house.


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