Hormonal rabbit behavior

Quite often most first-time rabbit owners are taken aback when their calm and adorable pets start to display objectionable behavior. Hormonal rabbit behavior mainly occurs when your pets are around 4 to 8 months. Bunnies may suddenly display aggression by biting or lunging at you. They may also act territorial by spraying urine, humping, or … Read more

How to teach a rabbit to drink from a water bottle

Bunnies are naturally picky when it comes to trying out new stuff. For this reason, it can be quite tricky for them to switch from using a water bowl to drinking using a  spouted bottle. The main challenge, therefore, is how to teach a rabbit to drink from a water bottle. Although a water bottle … Read more

The different types of housing for rabbits

There are different types of housing for rabbits currently on the market. It can be a daunting task trying to choose the most suitable one for you especially if you’re a first-time rabbit owner. There are quite a number of rabbit housing that come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, to name a few, … Read more

Unhealthy rabbit eyes: Info and Facts

Regardless of age or breed, unhealthy rabbit eyes are among the common ailments that can affect domestic bunnies. The underlying causes are mainly inflammation, a bacterial infection such as conjunctivitis, or dental health problems such as overgrowth teeth. Some of the symptoms of unhealthy rabbit eyes include swelling, redness, cloudiness, and worst-case scenario blindness. This … Read more

What colors do rabbits hate?

Have you ever noticed that some bunnies prefer certain colors over others? Or you often wonder, what colors do rabbits hate? If you are keen enough, you’ll notice that indeed if given an option, rabbits have a preferred color choice. For example, indoor rabbits may favor a specific colored lit room over others as we … Read more

What time of day should I feed my rabbit?

The question most first-time rabbit owners often ask is, what time of day should I feed my rabbit? If it were up to your bunnies, they would probably eat throughout the day. As a result, they may end up being overweight. Rabbits are inherently crepuscular, which means that they are normally active at dawn and … Read more

The best bunny brush for shedding

Although rabbits are self-grooming animals, they need a helping hand, especially during the shedding season usually in spring and Autumn. In other words, grooming your pets is something you just might consider doing regularly. Choosing the right bunny brush for shedding is therefore pivotal when it comes to fur maintenance. This article looks at the … Read more

Do blue bunnies exist?

Rabbits come in a variety of colors some of which are rare or unique. However, you might be asking yourself, do blue bunnies exist? Yes, they do, and the only rabbit breed in the world with an officially recognized blue coat is the American Blue Rabbit. Although this bunny has two official colors Blue and … Read more

How to tell if my rabbit is scared of me

As prey animals, rabbits are inherently skittish and anything foreign can easily startle them. For instance, they might be scared of their new owners, loud noises, or being picked up, to say the least. Although bunny breeds are naturally timid, some are generally more nervous than others. So how do you tell if your rabbit … Read more

How to stop rabbits from jumping on furniture

Although bunnies are calm and adorable pets, they can sometimes be destructive when they jump onto furniture or go into restricted areas in the house. Most owners might be wondering how to solve this problem, more precisely, how to stop rabbits from jumping on furniture. This article takes a close look at this particular behavior … Read more

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