Can rabbits eat parsley?

Although we know that rabbits eat a wide range of herbs, the question most bunny owners wonder is can rabbits eat parsley? And if so, what nutritional value does the herb provide? In addition, how do you introduce this new diet, and what quantity should you feed your bunnies? This article answers all the common … Read more

Why rabbit vaccinations are important

Rabbits just like any other pets are susceptible and vulnerable to viral diseases with a high mortality rate such as Myxomatosis, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD), and RHD2. Fortunately, annual vaccinations can help prevent infection of these life-threatening illnesses. This article looks into the importance of rabbit vaccinations, the viral illnesses in question, and when exactly … Read more

What do rabbit holes look like?

If you come across a hole in your backyard, farm, or in the wild, and are probably wondering whether it’s a rabbit hole or not, then this article is for you. Bunnies are natural burrowers that dig holes referred to as burrows primarily for shelter purposes. So how do you identify a rabbit hole? Our … Read more

Can rabbits eat collard greens?

Vegetables, particularly leafy greens, supplement a rabbit’s primary hay diet due to the nutritious value they have. One particular cruciferous vegetable from the Brassicaceae family of plants is collard greens. However, are they edible and healthy for rabbits? If they are, what quantity should you feed your bunnies? Keep reading to find out!   Can … Read more

Can rabbits eat onions?

  Vegetables play a key role in a rabbit’s diet, however, not all of them are safe or healthy for these small herbivores. Considering that onions are a common kitchen staple, the question often asked is, can rabbits eat onions? This article delves deep into whether onions are safer for bunny consumption, the potential risks … Read more

Rabbit flea treatment

Rabbits just like dogs and cats, are susceptible to flea infestations which may cause discomfort or irritation from these pesky parasites.  Worst-case scenario, when the rabbit is heavily infested, it often leads to anemia from too much blood loss. This article not only looks at effective rabbit flea treatment but also talks about prevention, causes, … Read more

Can rabbits eat broccoli?

Vegetables play a key role when it comes to providing nutritional value for your rabbit. In other words, they substitute a rabbit’s primary diet which is hay. Although we have a wide variety of edible veggies for rabbits, the main question however is, can they eat broccoli? Keep reading to find out….   Can rabbits … Read more

Can rabbits eat blackberries?

If you’re a rabbit owner who loves eating blackberries, you may have at some point probably wondered whether your pet can eat the fruit. In short, can rabbits eat blackberries? And if so, does the fruit offer any nutritional value? Keep reading to find out… Can bunnies eat blackberries? The short answer is yes; bunnies … Read more

Can bunnies eat blueberries?

Considering how tasty blueberries are, bunny owners may wonder whether the fruit is edible for their pets. Can bunnies eat blueberries? Does the fruit have nutritional value for rabbits? If the answer is yes to both questions, what quantity should you feed your rabbits? This article answers all three questions by delving deep into the … Read more

How long do wild rabbits live?

If you’ve ever wondered about wild rabbit’s longevity, then this article is for you. So how long do wild rabbits live? These are various factors that come into play when it comes to a wild rabbit’s life expectancy. They include the rabbit species, predation, health, and habitat, among other environmental or physical conditions.   Wild … Read more

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