Can rabbits eat onions?

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Vegetables play a key role in a rabbit’s diet, however, not all of them are safe or healthy for these small herbivores. Considering that onions are a common kitchen staple, the question often asked is, can rabbits eat onions? This article delves deep into whether onions are safer for bunny consumption, the potential risks if any as well as how to ensure that your furry friend has a healthy diet.

Can rabbits eat onions?

The short answer is; no., rabbits shouldn’t eat any onion type. Whether it’s spring, bunching, bulb onion, or any other vegetable from the allium family such as garlic, chives, leeks, and shallots. In other words, not only are the actual onions poisonous to rabbits, but other parts such as the bulb, leaves, and stems whether cooked or raw are inedible.

One of the main reasons why onions are unfit for rabbit consumption is the high thiosulphate levels contained in the vegetable. The content is toxic in the sense that it reduces the hemoglobin levels due to the destruction of red blood cells. This as a result makes it difficult for a rabbit’s body to transmit oxygen which may lead to hemolytic anemia or death in severe cases.

The second reason why rabbits should not eat onions is mainly because the vegetable contains organosulfur. This content increases the chances of toxins being absorbed into a rabbit’s system during digestion. In addition, the onions also help weaken a bunny’s immunity, as a result making it vulnerable to infections.

The effects of rabbits eating onion

Anaphylactic shock is one of the symptoms that may happen if your rabbits have an allergy to some of the compounds found in onions. The condition may be fatal depending on the level of the toxins in your bunny’s system.

Other symptoms of rabbits that have eaten onion include lethargy, dizziness, or fast breathing. Other times it may cause your bunny to tremble or worst case scenario, severe anemia which is often deadly. Whenever your rabbit displays any of the above symptoms always seek medical attention from your veterinarian as soon as possible.



Onions as well as the vegetables from the allium family are unfit for rabbit’s consumption. The toxic compounds onions contain lead to rabbit health issues such as hemolytic anemia as well as digestive upset. As a result, always ensure that your bunny has a healthy and balanced diet consisting of hay, substituted by edible vegetables, pellets, herbs, and fruits as an occasional treat.


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