How to stop rabbits from jumping on furniture

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Although bunnies are calm and adorable pets, they can sometimes be destructive when they jump onto furniture or go into restricted areas in the house. Most owners might be wondering how to solve this problem, more precisely, how to stop rabbits from jumping on furniture. This article takes a close look at this particular behavior and how to tame it.

Why does my bunny jump on the couch?

There are two main reasons why your rabbit jumps on furniture. It could be that they’re naturally curious or playful. The other reason could be that your bunny is startled and probably trying to run away from what they deem to be a potential threat. Perhaps it could be a stranger, other pets, or something foreign to them.

Do rabbits ruin furniture?

Yes, bunnies naturally love to nibble on stuff. If you haven’t bunny proofed your house, given a chance, they’ll not only damage your furniture but also other valuable household items.

How do I stop my rabbit from climbing on the couch?

We have various ways how to stop rabbits from jumping on furniture. Depending on your rabbit’s personality, one method might be more effective than the other. Below are the six recommended ways that always seem to work.

  • Training

Training is one effective way to stop your rabbits from climbing on the couch. If they jump often on furniture, then you need to deter them with a firm voice. You can say “Stop!”, however, do not shout at them as you are likely to frighten your bunny.

If your pet has already jumped on the furniture, gently carry it and put your rabbit back in its cage for a few minutes. Every time they jump on furniture, repeat the procedure. Eventually, your rabbit will learn that jumping on the furniture will result in a timeout.

Rabbits are smart animals; you’ll notice that over time they get the hang of it. If your main problem is your bunnies pooping or peeing on the couch, then you can always litter-train them.


  • Blocking access

The other straightforward approach to prevent your bunny from jumping on furniture is to block its access. This method is recommended for bunnies that regularly jump on furniture. You can also use a rabbit playpen or a large board to block them from accessing the furniture. Alternatively, you can also lock the living room door.


  • Tin Foil/slick plastic

Tin foil placed on the couch or sofa is another way to deter your bunnies from jumping on furniture. Most rabbits hate the sound or feel of tin foils and all it takes is a few days for them to avoid where it’s placed. In addition, also cover the furniture using heavy slick plastic. Bunnies naturally hate slippery surfaces and usually tend to avoid them.


  • Spaying or neutering

Another way to tame a mischievous bunny that likes to jump on furniture is to neuter or spay them. Quite often after the procedure, they’re less likely to jump, chew or excrete on your couch. The latter can also be a sign that they’re trying to mark their territory thus to prevent this, have them spayed or neutered.

  • Squirt gun

Whenever your bunny is about to jump or is already on the furniture, use a water gun to deter them. This method is harmless and quite effective for preventing rabbits from jumping on furniture or unwanted areas in the house.

  • Never invite them to your furniture

Lastly, in some circumstances, rabbits get the idea of jumping on furniture when you occasionally invite them onto your couch or sofa. In other words, if you do so, soon enough, they’ll get the idea of furniture being their own personal space. In no time your pets might even mark their territory by using your sofa as a litter box. The rule of thumb is to spend most time feeding or grooming them on the floor.


Can rabbits jump from couches?

Yes, bunnies can easily jump from your couch, however, if you have a hard surface flooring, place a rug or something to soften their landing. This comes in handy especially when your rabbit accidentally slips off the couch or jumps from elevated furniture. To learn more about what flooring is ideal for indoor rabbits, click on this link.



Hopefully, by following any of the methods mentioned above, in no time you’ll stop your bunnies from jumping on furniture. Finally, it’s worth pointing out that rabbits are intelligent animals that can also be trained to follow other commands or do certain tricks



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