Can I leave my rabbit outside at night?

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With a secure enclosure and occasional supervision, rabbits can be housed outdoors. However, the question most bunny owners often ask themselves is, can I leave my rabbit outside at night? The short answer is no if your intention is to let it free-roam indoors. On the other hand, it’s a yes if it’s outdoors in a secure rabbit enclosure.

Can I leave my rabbit outside at night?

Is it okay to leave rabbits outside at night?

Although leaving your rabbits to roam freely in your secure backyard or indoors at night might seem liberating for your bunny, it has many potential dangers. Below are the various reasons why it’s a bad idea to leave rabbits outside at night.


  • Lurking predators

Night predators are one of the reasons why it’s a risky move to leave your rabbit outside at night. Considering that bunnies are prey animals, there’s a high likelihood that they may be attacked by stray dogs, cats, raccoons, coyotes, snakes, or weasels.


  • Rabbit escaping

The other reason why it’s not advisable to leave your rabbit outside at night is mainly associated with just how great rabbits are at escaping. Considering that bunnies are inquisitive by nature, they may often escape, wander off and fail to return. Whether you’re housing your pet indoors or outdoors, leaving them unsupervised, at night is essentially a bad idea.


  • Rabbit destructive nature

Bunnies like to chew stuff and will try to nibble anything they find interesting whether edible or not. As a result, leaving your rabbits outside at night, more so in an indoor environment with no supervision often leads to destruction. This is mainly because if given an opportunity, rabbits tend to chew exposed electric cords, carpets, and furniture among other valuables.


Do rabbits get cold outside at night?

Rabbits will get cold, more so, during winter nights when the temperature is below 30°F. In other words, bunnies with proper insulation can withstand cold night temperatures of between 40 to 32°F. However ideal outdoor temperature is normally between 50 to 75 o F.


Should I cover my rabbit’s cage at night outside?

It’s not a necessity to cover your bunny’s outdoor cage at night. However, if you choose to do so, always ensure that there’s proper air circulation to prevent your rabbits from suffocating.


Can I leave my bunny in the dark at night?

Yes, rabbits have no problem staying in the dark at night. However, just provide them with a safe haven they can retreat to when need be.



Although leaving your rabbits outside at night isn’t a good idea, if you still choose to do so, you’ll need to take certain measures. In the case of free-roaming indoor bunnies, always make sure that your house is rabbit proofed, prior to letting them loose. On the other hand, always keep your outdoor bunny in a secure hutch every night. Its material needs to be sturdy with a solid surface that’s well elevated off the ground.


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