What should I look for when buying a rabbit hutch?

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If you intend to purchase a new house for your bunny, you might be asking, what should I look for when buying a rabbit hutch? The answer to this question boils down to your pet’s comfort, which includes hutch size, material, flooring, and accessories.


What should I look for in a rabbit hutch?

What should I look for when buying a rabbit hutch

  • Hutch Size

Although there are different hutch sizes available, the rule of thumb is to choose one that your rabbit can easily move around in. An enclosure should be at least four times the size of your rabbit. Its height also needs to allow your bunny to stand on its hind legs without its ears bumping into the hutch ceiling. A rabbit housing for a medium-sized bunny needs to measure an average of 6 ft. by 2 ft. by 2 ft. On the other hand, the average measurements for a giant bunny’s hutch are 6ft by 2 ft. by 3 ft., while a dwarf rabbit’s enclosure should measure at least 4 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. In terms of rabbit housing space, some hutches also come equipped with runs while others are multileveled and more spacious thus making them ideal enclosures.


  • Hutch material

Hutch material normally varies from wooden, plastic, or metallic. However, whatever your rabbit’s housing choice is, just ensure that it’s made from high-quality sturdy material. One of the popular rabbit enclosure designs is made from wood frames with legs that keep the structure above the ground. On top of that, the hutch material also consists of wire panels around the windows that allow proper ventilation.


  • Hutch Flooring

Another factor worth considering is the type of rabbit enclosure flooring. There are essentially two types of hutch floors: solid and wired. Although the former is more comfortable for your bunny’s feet,  it’s harder to clean. This is mainly because the wire floor allows rabbit litter to fall through, however, it leads to sore hocks in the long run. So what’s the best hutch flooring? A mix of both solid and wire flooring is normally recommended. The mess essentially allows the dropping to fall off while the solid part ensures that your bunny’s feet don’t develop sore hocks. Therefore, having a hutch with a wooden and wire mesh flooring section is the best option.


  • Accessories

The other things to look for when buying a rabbit hutch are essential accessories to keep your pet’s enclosure more comfortable. They include a water and feeding bowl, hay manger, hutch cover, and a litter tray if you have a solid surface hutch. On top of that, also provide your rabbits with chew toys to keep them mentally stimulated. Last but not least, a proper bed in addition to hay or straw bedding is also essential as it typically keeps your rabbit’s hutch dry and well-installed.



Buying a rabbit hutch, therefore, boils down to your preference after taking into account available space and also the size and number of rabbits you intend to keep. At the end of the day, always ensure that your rabbit’s enclosure is comfortable and secure.

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