Can I keep my rabbit on concrete?

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Whether you’re keeping a bunny indoors or outdoors, the question you might be asking is, can I keep my rabbit on concrete? The short answer is yes, however only do so temporarily. Although solid flooring is easier to clean and also trims your pet’s nails, in the long run, it contributes to bunnies getting sore hocks. This is mainly because, a rabbit’s sole lacks pads, unlike cats or dogs. Keep reading to find out measures to take if you’re bunny is housed on concrete and also some of the best floorings for rabbits.

Can I keep my rabbit on concrete?

How can I keep my rabbit comfortable on concrete?


Besides your bunny developing sore hocks after being kept on concrete over a prolonged period, the concrete surface is also slippery and essentially makes your pet’s movement difficult. In other words, if your intention is to permanently house your bunnies on concrete, you’ll need to cover their flooring partially or entirely. This will in turn make your rabbits comfortable and also provide their feet with traction. Some of the best rabbit flooring materials to cover concrete with include a pure wool carpet, grass mat, or fleece pad.


Is it okay to keep a bunny in a basement?

It is, however only if your basement is well-ventilated to prevent your rabbits from getting respiratory diseases. In addition, you’ll also need to ensure that the temperature is moderate to prevent heat stroke in hot summer and frostbite in cold winter. Lastly, see to it that your bunnies are occasionally getting natural sunlight, which essentially provides them with vitamin D.


Should a rabbit cage be on the floor?


An outdoor bunny cage should be on a floor or solid surface to prevent your bunnies from burrowing out and predators from getting in. On the other hand, placing an indoor cage on the floor is okay provided that the surface of the enclosure is comfortable enough to provide traction for your rabbit’s feet. Regardless of whether your bunny’s cage is indoors or outdoors, it’s always advisable to place hay bedding on the surface to make it comfortable for your pet.


Is it okay to keep a bunny in the garage?

Keeping a rabbit in your garage is okay only when it’s properly ventilated and there’s also access to natural light. Additionally,  also ensure that the garage is well insulated in winter and cool enough in summer. Lastly, you’ll also need to rabbit-proof your entire garage more so if it’s multi-purposely being used.


Can rabbits sleep on a hard floor?

Bunnies don’t mind laying down on a hard floor, provided it’s not slippery. Vinyl, ceramic tiles, and hardwood floors are other surfaces rabbits can sleep on. Rabbits may also sleep on hay, aspen shreds, soft straw, shredded paper, or pellets.


What is the best flooring for rabbits?

One of the popular comfortable rabbit flooring materials for your pet’s feet and is also great for covering large surfaces is vinyl. In addition, it’s easy to clean and also great for giving your rabbit traction.



Can I keep my rabbit on concrete? Due to its abrasive texture, a rabbit housed permanently on a hard floor may develop sore hocks and also find it challenging to move around without slipping. As a result, we recommend covering the hard surface with an organic mat, vinyl, or wood flooring.



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