Rabbit proofing your home: The complete guide

Most indoor rabbit owners can agree that rabbit proofing is a great idea, especially if you have valuable belongings lying around the house. A bunny is an instinctively curious animal and will chew nearly anything it can get hold of. Bunny proofing is, therefore, necessary if you want to protect stuff that your adorable pet … Read more

Can rabbits get along with cats and dogs?

Is it possible for rabbits to get along with cats and dogs? In most cases, rabbits can get along with other pets; however, training usually takes time and patience. Rabbits, cats, and even dogs, contrary to common thought, can get along very well. Although these prey-predator combinations appear to contravene nature’s laws, they are possible. … Read more

Rabbit spay and neuter

Spaying and neutering are rabbit reproductive surgeries. Spaying involves female rabbits or Does while the latter is associated with male bunnies (bucks). So what are the health benefits of this particular procedure, and is it necessary? Our blog talks about what you need to know about how to spay or neuter your pet rabbit.   … Read more

How to litter train a rabbit

There is a misconception that rabbits are filthy animals which usually isn’t the case. On the contrary, bunnies make excellent indoor companions because, like cats, you can easily litter-train a rabbit. This article looks at everything you need to know when it comes to bunny litter training.   Does the age of a rabbit matter … Read more

How to clean a rabbit the right way

Your rabbit has had a little too much fun in its enclosure and is now filthy. If your bunny’s fur has dirt or feces, the first thing that comes to most owners’ minds is to clean a rabbit in the sink, tub, or shower.   Although your intent might be good, the overall ideal is … Read more

How to clean a rabbit cage the proper way

A bunny’s habitat plays a pivotal role in its overall health. You should clean a rabbit cage as often as possible to prevent it from being a dump, smelly, and unbearable. It is therefore essential to keep your rabbit’s cage clean if you want them to lead a healthy life. This article talks about all … Read more

How long should you leave a rabbit in a cage/hutch?

Most rabbit owners might be uncertain about the recommended timeframe to leave a rabbit in a cage or hutch. It becomes an issue worth pondering over considering the tight schedule forcing people to leave their pets unattended for hours. This article talks about all there is to know about how long your bunny needs to … Read more

Rabbit grooming complete guide

Despite bunnies being avid groomers, an owner’s involvement in the rabbit grooming process is necessary for their hygiene improvement. Rabbit grooming entails cleaning them up, and clipping their overgrown toenails and fur. Untidy coats make your bunnies have a messy look, hide lumps, overgrown nails, or even skin-related ailments.   Rabbits having short coats, on … Read more

Rabbit lifespan: what you need to consider

Bunnies are arguably among the top most popular pets to own. When properly taken care of, your pet rabbit’s lifespan is extended and their overall health tremendously improves. However, there are usually some factors you need to consider when it comes to improving both their mental and physical well-being. This article will talk about some … Read more

A complete rabbit diet guide: What you need to know

Bunnies are herbivores by nature, and a proper rabbit diet is usually essential if you want to increase their lifespan. So what does a proper rabbit diet comprise? In short, it should contain hay, vegetables, fruits, pellets, and a freshwater supply. In other words, this balanced diet essentially provides your pet with all the nutrients … Read more

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