Cheapest way to feed rabbits

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Most rabbit owners can agree that feeding a bunny, in the long run, can be quite expensive. This is especially true if you keep more than one rabbit and provide them with a balanced diet of fresh hay, pellets, veggies, and fruits. The main question most keepers normally ask is, what’s the cheapest way to feed rabbits? Keep reading to find out.


How can I feed my rabbit the cheapest way?

One cost-effective or free way to feed domestic rabbits is by growing their food or providing them with a nutritious diet that’s palatable and affordable. Below are some of the various ways to feed your bunnies especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Cheapest way to feed rabbits

  • Growing hay grass

Considering that hay is highly nutritious and basically a rabbit’s main diet, growing hay grass at home is essentially going to cut costs in the long run. Timothy or orchard grass is a great option for adult bunnies while alfalfa is ideal for developing rabbits that have just finished weaning.


  • Horse hay

If you’re working within a budget, then feeding your rabbits horse hay is another cheaper alternative you might want to consider. This particular hay is not only cheaper compared to rabbit hay, but it also contains all the essential nutrients needed for the growth and development of rabbits.


  • Vegetable leftovers

Feeding your rabbits raw vegetable leftovers is another way you can cut on rabbit feeding costs. For instance, scraps of leafy veggies such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, celery, Kale, spinach, and fresh herb stems are all great rabbit feeds.


  • Weeds

Weeds are also another great food source that’s plentiful in your backyard and at your rabbit’s disposal. However, not all weeds are edible or good for bunny consumption. Some of the healthy weeds we highly recommend include buttercups, borage, clover, chamomile, calendula, daisies, dandelions, and lavender.


  • Banana and mango leaves

Leaves also play a pivotal role when it comes to providing your rabbits with a substitute diet at an affordable cost. For instance, feeding your rabbits banana leaves rich in minerals such as sodium and potassium contributes to the growth and development of bunnies. On the other hand, rabbits eating mango leaves containing vitamins A and C helps with bone development and also improves their immune response and the functionality of their digestive system.


  • Garden leftovers

After harvesting your crops, you can use quite a variety of leftovers to feed your rabbits at no cost. However, do so occasionally and in moderation. Some of the garden leftovers that make great feeds include raspberry, carrot, and strawberry tops. Herb leftovers for rosemary, sage, or mint leaves are also healthy feeds you can give your bunnies for free.



The cheapest way to feed rabbits basically entails letting them forage in your fenced backyard or outdoors in a secure playpen. Let them nibble on areas that have any of the organic plants mentioned above. Finally, gradually introduce your rabbits to any new feeds to prevent them from having stomach-related issues.


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