Can rabbits eat horse hay?

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If you keep rabbits and have a ton of horse hay, you might be wondering, can rabbits eat horse hay? The short answer is yes, however, it needs to be fresh and dry with no molds. This article looks at the benefits of rabbits eating horse hay among other frequently related questions regarding this topic.

What are the benefits of rabbits eating horse hay?

Horse hay is highly nutritious as it contains essential protein and vitamins needed for the growth and development of rabbits. In addition, the fiber content found on horse hay helps wear a rabbit’s teeth down while also maintaining their digestive tract functionality.

The other benefit of feeding your bunny high-quality horse hay is that it’s free from impurities. In other words, it’s typically fit for consumption and should therefore be a rabbit’s primary diet.

Horse hay is also cheaper compared to regular rabbit hay sold at your local pet supply stores or online. In other words, it’s cost-effective in the long run considering that it’s a rabbit’s primary diet. This is especially true if you’re keeping several rabbits. Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that horse hay should be pesticide or herbicide free. It may be toxic to your rabbit if it has chemical residues. To be safe inquire beforehand whether the horse hay you’re about to purchase is completely organic.


Can rabbits eat horse hay cubes?

Yes, horse hay cubes have the same health and nutritional value contained in rabbit hay. On top of that, the former has fewer impunities and is also less likely to form molds due to its dense nature compared to regular horse hay.


Can rabbits eat horse alfalfa hay?

Only feed alfalfa horse hay to developing rabbits or those that have just completed weaning, preferable to those below the age of 6 months. The reason behind this is simply because horse alfalfa is packed with essential nutrients needed for the growth and development of young rabbits.


How much horse hay does a rabbit eat per day?

The daily horse hay intake quantity to feed your rabbit should be equivalent to its body weight in terms of portion. Nonetheless, we do recommend supplying your rabbits with unlimited horse hay.


Can a rabbit survive on just horse hay?

Can rabbits eat horse hay?

Yes, rabbits can survive by feeding on horse hay, however, in the long run, it’s not healthy. Although horse hay can be a rabbit’s main diet due to its high fiber content, your bunnies also need other nutrients from different food sources. In simpler terms, they need a balanced diet.  Other than horse hay, your rabbits also need to feed on fresh vegetables and small quantities of pellets and fruit.


Is horse feed generally good for rabbits?

Although horses and rabbits have different dietary needs, horse hay is the only healthy diet for rabbits. Other horse feeds essentially have nutritional values that are incompatible with a rabbit’s.


Can rabbits eat any kind of hay?

Apart from horse hay, other ideal rabbit hay we recommend feeding rabbits that are 7 months old and above include timothy, meadow, orchard, Oat, or herbal hay. On the other hand, feed developing rabbits or kits that have completed weaning alfalfa hay.



Can rabbits eat horse hay? Most definitely. This is arguably the healthiest rabbit hay alternative there is out there. However, before feeding them horse hay, always ensure that it’s dry and free from impurities.



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