Do rabbits eat mango leaves?

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Mangoes are highly nutritious and are among the top favorite fruits for bunnies. However, the question that lingers in most owners’ minds is, do rabbits eat mango leaves? The short answer is yes. Keep reading to find out what nutritional value these particular leaves provide for your bunnies.

Nourishment mango leaves provide for rabbits

Mango leaves are a healthy diet that contributes to the overall health and well-being of your rabbit. To be specific, they contain essential minerals, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. For starters, vitamin A improves a rabbit’s immune response and bone development. Vitamin C on the other hand helps their digestive system to fully function by increasing their feed intake. This, in turn, helps to improve their feed conversion ratio.

On top of that, the leaves also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties such as polyphenols and terpenoids that help to increase a rabbit’s immunity.

For instance, Polyphenols improve gut bacteria and in the long run, help to prevent heat-related illnesses or obesity among rabbits. Terpenoids, however, contain antioxidants that help improve a rabbit’s vision and also protect them from pathogens. Another health value mango leaves provide your bunnies is lower blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar control improvement.

Do rabbits eat mango leaves?

How often should rabbits eat mango leaves?

Adult bunnies should consume two cups of fresh mango leaves per serving, twice or thrice per week. In other words, your rabbits should consume these particular leaves occasionally as treats. Mango leaves contain high levels of tannins which may cause diarrhea or digestive issues when consumed excessively or regularly. As a result, a rabbit’s diet should consist of 10% mango leaves/ veggies, 20% pellets, and 70% hay, which is normally a balanced diet.


Can baby rabbits eat mango leaves?

Unlike adult rabbits, kittens that are less than 12 weeks old shouldn’t feed on mango leaves. This is simply because baby bunnies at that tender age normally have sensitive digestive systems. In other words, ingesting excessive mango leaves often causes diarrhea or loose stool.



Do rabbits eat mango leaves? Yes, however, they need to do so occasionally. When introducing the leaves for the first time, do so gradually and in small quantities. Wait for 24 hours to see how your rabbit’s stomach reacts to the feed before you reintroduce the diet. Finally, prior to feeding them, always ensure that the leaves are clean and free from chemicals or pesticides.


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