White rabbit scientific name

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Oryctolagus cuniculus is a white rabbit scientific name, which also applies to more than 300 European bunny breeds. In other words, Oryctolagus is the genus while cuniculus represents the species name. White rabbits and all domestic rabbits, in general, belong to the Leporidae family and in the order Lagomorpha which also includes hares and pikas.


White rabbit ancestry

The white rabbit is a descendant of the European rabbit native to the Iberian Peninsula. This includes Portugal, Spain, Northwest Africa the Atlas Mountains, and western and southwestern France. White rabbit’s ancestors were introduced to all the continents except Antarctica and to date, we have 305 domestic and 13 wild rabbit species.

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White rabbit taxonomic tree


















(Oryctolagus cuniculus)


What breed of rabbit is white?

White rabbit breeds whose scientific name is Oryctolagus cuniculus as mentioned earlier, have one unique feature which is their white fur. Other than that,  their eye color, body size, and temperament varies with each bunny breed. Some of the popular white rabbit breeds include the American white rabbit, New Zealand white, Britannia Petite rabbit, Florida white rabbit, Blanc De Hotot, Blanc De Termonde, White Beveren, Dwarf Hotot, Hulstlander, and White Vienna.


Are white rabbits albinos?

Some and not all white rabbits are albinos. Albinism is a genetic mutation that leaves a bunny with a lack of pigmentation not just on their fur but eyes too. In other words, the lack of melanin leaves their eyes red and their fur as white as snow. It’s worth pointing out, however, that bunnies with red eyes and fur colors other than white are not albinos. Under such circumstances, it’s probably due to bacterial infections, eye damage, dental problems, corneal ulcers, or eye irritation.


What white rabbit breed has pink eyes?

The Blanc de Termonde is a rare white rabbit with pink eyes and is originally from Belgium. They are large-sized bunnies with silky snow-white fur. The pink eye color is not caused due to albinism but by a genetic mutation that dilutes the Blanc De Termonde’s eyes from brown to pink. This normally happens when their recessive gene dilutes their natural eye color. When it comes to temperament, this particular bunny is generally docile and lively.


What white rabbit breed has black eyes?

The Blanc de Hotot is another unique white rabbit with black eyes that originates from France. It later spread out throughout Europe and specifically into North America in the 1920s. The Blanc de Hotot has a compact medium body and a unique spectacle like dark rings around its eyes. Lastly, this white rabbit has an affectionate and lively temperament.


Are white rabbit breeds common?

Domesticated white rabbits are quite common however, their white counterparts in the wild are an endangered species. This is mainly because bright-colored bunnies in the wild tend to easily attract predators. White rabbits in the wild, therefore, spend most of their time in burrows and will only come in the open mainly to feed. 


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