How many carrots can a rabbit eat in a day?

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Carrots are probably one of the most popular veggies most people associate bunnies with. So, how many carrots can a rabbit eat in a day? The fact of the matter is that rabbits are herbivores whose main diet consists of plants, mainly hay. In other words, they should eat carrots sparingly and in moderation, since it usually contains high levels of calcium, starch, and vitamin A.

Do bunnies like eating carrots in the first place?

Yes, rabbits like eating carrots due to their sweet sugary taste. In fact, if given a chance, they can choose this particular veggie over hay, which can be detrimental to their health. Always feed rabbits with washed or peeled organic carrots to reduce the chances of them ingesting any pesticide remnants.

Rabbit eating a piece of carrot

How many carrots can a rabbit eat in a day?

A rabbit needs roughly 5000 to 12,000 UI of vitamin A per day, while a single 100-gram carrot has around 18,360 UI. Therefore, an ideal carrot quantity per day should be a ¼ piece for rabbits that are 3 months or older. However, it’s always advisable to reduce their daily carrot intake to twice or thrice per week if they do experience stomach upsets. Alternatively, you can also feed your bunny carrot tops which are healthier and more nutritious due to their low level of vitamin A and starch.


How many baby carrots can a rabbit have?

The recommended number is a single baby carrot twice or thrice per week. However, the rule of thumb is to feed your rabbit a balanced diet. It should mainly consist of hay, and be supplemented with pellets, fruits, and veggies such as carrots.


What are some of the health benefits carrots provide rabbits?

Carrots contain vitamin A which helps to strengthen your bunny’s vision, while the antioxidant property helps to strengthen their immunity.


What are some of the risks associated with rabbits eating carrots excessively?

Rabbits are natural grazers whose diet in the wild is mainly grass. However, if they’re given the option to choose between hay and carrots, they’ll naturally go for the latter, not only because it’s tastier but also because of its high nutritional value. As a result of their survival mechanism, if left unsupervised, bunnies tend to instinctively eat a lot. In simpler terms, the health problems associated with rabbits overfeeding carrots are mainly associated with high sugar or carbohydrate intake. Below are some of the main ailments caused by rabbits overfeeding carrots.

  • Diarrhea

One of the symptoms brought by a bunny overfeeding carrots is diarrhea. It mainly affects young rabbits or adult rabbits with sensitive stomachs. In addition, bunnies end up excreting inedible cecotropes which also lack essential nutrients needed.


  • Vitamin A abnormalities

High levels of vitamin A in a rabbit’s system are highly toxic and often lead to serious health problems. For instance, it’s normally the main source of reproductive complications such as abnormal births, paresis, or low chances of kits surviving into adulthood.


  • Gastrointestinal Stasis

Excessive ingestion of carrots can lead to GI stasis, a condition caused by the absorption of high carbohydrate content. Gastrointestinal Stasis symptom is associated with the slow passage of food in a rabbit’s digestive tract. This can lead to loss of appetite, lethargy, grunting, or smaller/lack of droppings.



When it comes to a new diet or carrots for that matter, it’s always advisable to introduce it moderately and sparingly. Additionally, check whether they have diarrhea or unusual soft stool. If they do, cease giving them any more carrots and immediately consult your vet. Hopefully, we’ve answered the burning question of exactly how many carrots can a rabbit eat in a day.


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