Rex rabbit colors

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Rex rabbits are a popular breed known for their wide range of colors. There are essentially 16 officially recognized color varieties accepted by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association. They include amber, broken, Black, Blue, Castor, Californian, Chocolate, Chinchilla, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Sable, Seal, Red, Otter, and White. Keep reading to find out more about each specific rex rabbit color.

1. Amber

Amber is the latest coat shade to be included in the Rex rabbit color category. It’s a reddish brown color with a gray or whitish undercover. Additionally, rabbits with amber color normally have brown or ruby-reddish eyes.

2. Broken

Broken is essentially a coat pattern or how color is spread across a rabbit’s body. Rex breeds for instance have a color combination of white mixed with one officially recognized rex rabbit color or white mixed with two color combinations. They may include white combined with golden orange, blue and fawn, dove gray and golden fawn, dense black and golden orange, chocolate brown and golden orange, lavender blue and golden fawn.

Rex rabbits with broken colors tend to have markings around their eyes, ears, and nose. Additionally, rex bunnies with broken colors also need to have a pattern on their back, starting from the nape of the neck, across their back, sides, and hips.

3. Black

Rex rabbit also has a lustrous jet-black coat color that covers their entire body. The black color essentially runs deep in their undercoat, close to the skin. Lastly, black-colored rex bunnies also usually have dark brown eyes and dark nails.

4. Blue

Similar to black, the blue color is darkish and also runs deep closer to the rex bunny’s skin. They also have blue guard hairs and eyes that are also blue or gray. Lastly, blue rex rabbits normally have a grey or white belly.

5. Castor

Castor is a rex rabbit color coat that’s mahogany brown or dark chestnut, covering the entire body. Their belly is white with a slate blue undercolor near the skin. In other words, their belly color should match the underside of the tail, the inside of their feet, ears, chin, nostrils, and eye circles. This particular color is the initial one for the rex rabbit breed and it normally comes with brown eyes and dark nails.

6. Californian

The Californian color is a pure white coat except for a rex rabbit’s ears, nose, and hind paws. Rex rabbits with Californian color usually have pink or reddish eyes due to the albino gene that is responsible for their white color. Sometimes rex rabbits with Californian color may have stained eyes.

7. Chocolate

Another rex rabbit color is chocolate which essentially covers the entire body uniformly. On the other hand, chocolate rex rabbits have a dove under color and their eyes are brown or red.

8. Chinchilla

This color consists of a slate blue coat color next to the skin followed by a pearl white intermediate band. In addition, the chinchilla color has a surface with a pearl white and black combination. To be specific, this particular color has a slightly lighter colored neck fur specifically around the nape. Their belly, chin, underside of their tail, jowls, eye circles, and inside of their ears should have a pearl white color. Lastly, chinchilla-colored rex rabbits have dark nail color and eyes that are either blueish grey or brown.

9. Lilac

Lilac rex bunnies have an even dove gray-pink color that also runs deep down close to their skin. This color has a shiny appearance and the breed color has ruby red or blue-gray eyes.

10. Lynx

This particular color has a white undercolor that’s next to the skin and a bright fawn intermediate ring or band of color. The fur surface on the other hand has an even lilac color with a white belly and blue-gray eyes.

11. Opal

Opal rex color has deep blue under color on the back that changes to a white color around the bunny’s belly area. In other words, the surface color is a medium blue that spreads evenly down the sides. The opal rex rabbit also has an intermediate ring of color next to the under color. Lastly, their eye color is blue-gray and they normally have dark nails.

12. Sable

This particular rex rabbit color is dark sepia brown over most parts of its body. However, the stable slightly changes to a darker chestnut color around the bunny’s ears, face, and legs. Their eye color is normally dark brown.

13. Seal

With this color, the rex bunny is normally dark black in most parts of its body except the ears, face, chest, neck, legs, and tail which usually have slightly lighter fur. Seal rex bunny has eyes that are dark brown in color.

14. Red

Red rex rabbits have a deep tone that runs evenly across their entire body. In other words, this particular color is solid without any marks and this color category for the rex breed has brown eyes and dark nails.

15. Otter

The otter rex rabbit color is a dark pattern that covers most parts of the coat except the eyes, ears, and underbelly being lighter, either fawn or white. Below are the four officially recognized rex bunny otter color categories.

• Black Otter

This specific otter color is jet black with a slate blue under the color next to the rabbit’s skin. Black otter is uniformly distributed across the rex rabbit’s coat in addition to a pale cream pattern on their belly, tail, and chin. The inside of the ears is fawn, its nostrils are tan, the breed has brown eyes and dark nails.

• Blue Otter

Blue otter is a dark blue shade that runs deep near the skin and is uniformly spread. However, the underside, eye circles, tail, and inside of the ears are pale cream divided by a distinct fawn border from the main blue color. The triangle and nostrils are fawn while the eyes are blue-gray with dark nails.

• Chocolate Otter

This color is dark brown and runs deep near the rabbit’s skin where there is a dove gray color next to the skin. In other words, a chocolate otter is spread evenly throughout the bunny’s coat. There are exceptions, however, such as on the rabbit’s eye circles, belly, chin, nostrils, inside the ear, feet, and under its tail which is usually cream. Lastly, a chocolate otter rex rabbit has brown eyes and dark nails.

• Lilac Otter

This particular otter has a light pink color that runs evenly across the rabbit’s skin and an under color that’s dove gray. The tail underside, inside their feet, ears, chin, eye circles, and belly are cream in color. Lastly, lilac otter rex rabbits have blue-gray eyes and dark nails.

16. White

White rex is usually a result of albinism which is essentially a lack of color on their fur. Their coats are pure white throughout their entire body and they normally have pink eyes. It’s worth pointing out that white rex rabbits need extra care compared to other rex rabbits due to the lack of pigmentation. As a result, this breed prefers a darker living area and no exposure to direct sunlight.

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