How high can rabbits jump?

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Rabbits are natural hoppers with powerful hind legs that allow them to jump or leap forward with impressive force. In other words, in a single bound, they can cover a great distance by launching themselves into the air with great agility. The main question however is how high can rabbits jump? Keep reading to find out the answer and other frequently asked questions around the same topic.


How high can rabbits jump?

Rabbits that are 3 months old and above, on average can jump up to 2 ft. high, with some reaching as high as 3 feet. On the other hand, on average they can leap 10 feet horizontally. How high a rabbit jumps or leaps may slightly vary depending on certain factors for each individual rabbit. They may be attributed to the rabbit breed, their physical condition, age, excitement, motivation, or out of necessity to avoid imminent danger.

Wild rabbits on the other hand can jump further and higher than their domestic counterparts. On average, they can jump 6 feet off the ground and 15 feet horizontally, mostly when they’re in danger trying to evade predators. In other words, both domestic and wild bunnies have elongated bones, structured skeletal systems, and highly flexible spines which enhance their athleticism.


The official record for the highest rabbit jump

According to The Guinness Book of world records, the highest rabbit jump recorded in a bunny competition in Denmark to date is 3.2 feet.


What rabbit breeds jump highest?

Medium-sized rabbits in general have the highest jump of all the breed sizes. This is mainly due to their more muscular legs compared to miniature bunnies as well as less weight compared to larger breeds. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions with some breeds such as the Netherland dwarf jumping as high as 3 feet, beating most medium-sized rabbits.


What about bunny binkies?

A binky is a form of jump that involves a rabbit jumping in the air, twisting their body as they kick their feet. This can occur instantaneously or sometimes immediately after a run, mostly when bunnies are excited or content. Lastly, in terms of height covered, this particular jump is no different from an ordinary rabbit jump.


Reasons for rabbits jumping

One of the main reasons why rabbits jump is mainly to evade threats or danger. This is their best defense mechanism considering that they’re prey animals low on the food chain. Rabbits may also use jumping as a form of communication. For instance, it could be a sign of asserting dominance, a mating ritual or a form of aggression, or a way of expressing excitement as mentioned earlier. In short deciphering the meaning typically boils down to the jumping frequency and style.



Considering that rabbits can jump 2 feet high on average, with some getting closer to 3 feet, it’s always recommended to set barriers. Whether it’s a fence, a wall or a playpen that prevents bunnies from accessing restricted areas or jumping on furniture, make sure the barrier is at least 4 feet higher. This will ensure that it’s both jump and escape-proof.

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