How many Brussels sprouts can a rabbit eat

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Brussels sprouts are small leafy green buds that most bunnies love to eat. They’re high in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals needed for a rabbit’s development. You might then ask; how many Brussels sprouts can a rabbit eat? Considering that rabbits have a sensitive digestive system, you should feed them Brussels sprouts in moderation. Keep reading to find out the exact quantity your bunny needs to consume.

How many Brussels sprouts can a rabbit eat?

How many Brussels sprouts a rabbit can eat depends on their size. Smaller-sized bunny’s intake is one piece of Brussels sprouts a couple of times a week. Medium-sized bunnies should consume two pieces of Brussels sprout while large rabbit breeds, three of four Brussels sprout pieces a few times per week.

Why can’t rabbits eat Brussels sprouts daily?

The reason why we don’t recommend feeding your rabbits Brussels sprouts daily is mainly due to the high sugar and calories the vegetable contains. In other words, daily Brussels sprout intake will lead to rabbits being overweight and also developing other health issues. A rabbit’s diet should consist primarily of hay, substituted with vegetables and a small number of pellets.


How to serve rabbits Brussel Sprouts

First and foremost, before you feed rabbits Brussels sprouts, wash the vegetable thoroughly to remove any traces of pesticide or contaminants. Next is to cut the Brussels sprouts into small pieces that are easier to swallow. Besides a rabbit finding it difficult to chew or swallow the entire vegetable, it may also lack sufficient nutritional value since it may contain more stems and fewer leafy parts.


What if Brussels sprouts make my rabbit ill?

If this particular vegetable gives your rabbit gas or makes them have stomach upsets, try reducing the Brussels sprout intake quantity and consumption frequency. Alternatively, you can also stop feeding your bunny this particular vegetable entirely.



When it comes to feeding rabbits Brussel sprouts, do so occasionally and in small quantities. This is mainly because excessive intake often leads to gastrointestinal issues. The rule of thumb is basically to feed your rabbit a balanced diet comprising primarily of hay, substituted with pellets and veggies which includes Brussels sprouts among others.

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