How to properly handle and pick up your rabbit

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Rabbits are fragile animals that need to be handled gently. When picking up a bunny, it’s important to do so with care to avoid injuring or stressing them. In this guide, we talk about the proper way to handle and pick up your rabbit as well as tips to make the entire experience comfortable for both of you.


What is the correct way to pick up a rabbit?

Rabbits are generally timid animals that startle easily. It’s therefore important to approach your bunny slowly and calmly whenever you want to pick them up. In addition, before attempting to handle a rabbit, make sure that they’re comfortable in your presence.

Hold the bunny gently but firmly with one hand placed under its chest while the other hand supports its hind end while securing your rabbit next to your body. This essentially prevents your bunny from struggling or trying to wriggle free. Finally, avoid picking a rabbit by its ears as it can injure or cause them distress.

How to pick up a bunny without scaring it

Picking your rabbit up without frightening it requires you to consistently interact with your pet to earn its trust. Below are some beginner tips to help you get started.


  • When approaching your bunny for the first time, do so calmly and avoid sudden movements or noise.


  • The next step is allowing your rabbit to sniff your hand, familiarize itself with your scent, and be less fearful. Bunnies use scent as a means of communication as well as to figure out whether those around them are a threat.


  • Prior to picking your rabbit, gently pet or stroke it to make it comfortable and relaxed. In other words, let your pet get accustomed to your touch as you build trust.


  • The next step is to try and lift their feet off the ground for a few seconds before placing them back. Gradually do this until your rabbit becomes comfortable with its feet off the ground.


  • Finally, slowly and gently lift up your bunny following the procedure mentioned above. If your pet is still scared, set them down and try again after a while. It’s worth mentioning that always give your rabbit a treat whenever they allow you to handle or pick them up.



When handling or trying to pick a rabbit, be gentle and never force them when they’re not in the mood. At the end of the day, it all boils down to time and patience. If you want your rabbit to be more comfortable not just around you, but also when being handled or picked up.


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