Do rabbits like to be petted while eating?

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You might be wondering, do rabbits like to be petted while eating? Most owners are curious to know more so if your bunny already loves a good stroke and isn’t that territorial during feeding time. Even with a strong bond already established, is it a good idea, and will my pet like it? Keep reading to find the answer.


Do rabbits like to be petted while eating?

The short answer is, No. Although rabbits generally like good petting, they love to feed uninterrupted. In the wild rabbits inherently prefer personal space during feeding and an intrusion can be interpreted as competition. Although your bunny may love a good pet on its back, cheeks, and forehead, it isn’t a good idea to do so while they eat.

Sometimes even rabbits you have a strong bond with may act aggressively during feeding. This is especially true if you try to come near your bunny let alone pet them. You might be asking; why does this happen? Firstly, food is a scarce commodity in the wild and when it’s in abundance, they’ll try to eat as much as possible. Domestic rabbits are no exception.

Occasionally a rabbit may also fail to react when you pet them while they eat. Why is this so, does it mean they’re okay with it? It’s worth pointing out that each rabbit has a distinctive personality. Some are more tolerant than others and may fail to react each time, nonetheless, they’ll show signs of discontentment. They may briefly stop eating, try to move away, or turn their back on you. Other times, your bunny will drop its guard down while munching on the food in its bowl, only to get startled by your petting afterward. So what’s the best time to pet a rabbit? We highly recommend petting your bunny after feeding when they’re content and just relaxing.


Where do rabbits like to be petted the most?

Although most rabbits generally like being petted, they tend to have favorite petting spots which cut across all breeds. In other words, most if not all enjoy a good pet on their back, cheeks, forehead, and behind their ears.


Do rabbits like to be hand fed?


It depends on the level of trust your bunny has for you. Hand-feeding a rabbit you’ve built a bond with essentially cements your relationship. On top of that, your rabbits will soon realize that human hands mean no harm. As a result, they’re likely to be more receptive to petting even when you haven’t established a strong bond.


Why Does my rabbit put its head down during petting?

A rabbit that keeps its head down during petting is a clear indicator that it’s enjoying your gentle rub. In other words, a bunny with a lowered head is a sign of submission.



Petting a rabbit is essential since it typically builds a bond between you and your bunny. Nonetheless, always pet your rabbits at the right time, this is after they’ve fed. Hopefully, we’ve answered the question, do rabbits like to be petted while eating?



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