Showing harlequin rabbits in competitions and exhibitions

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Rabbit shows and competitions are popular among bunny enthusiasts since they showcase the most desirable traits. In addition, they also reward breeders whose bunny stands out from the rest of the competitors.

There are several organizations that host rabbit shows each having its own set of rules and regulations for participants. However, some of the standard rules entail making sure that the bunny is healthy and properly groomed. The show animals should also be able to stand and pose in addition to the bunny’s pedigree and health history. This article talks about everything you need to know about harlequin rabbits in relation to competitions and exhibitions.


  1. Rules and regulations for Organizations hosting rabbit shows

Some of the organizations that host rabbit competitions and exhibitions include the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), the British Rabbit Council (BRC), and lastly, the National Bunny Hutch Rabbit Club (NBHRC).

For instance, the ARBA registration and eligibility rule as well as showmanship guidelines, breed standards, and the judging process. The BRC and the NBHRC also have guidelines for participation which includes membership, age requirements as well as showmanship.

In other words, rabbit owners and breeders should familiarize themselves with the set rules and regulations of any of the three organizations. This essentially allows them to be compliant and fully prepared to participate in the competition or shows.


  1. The process of preparing a rabbit for competition


Prior to your rabbit participating in any show or competition, ensure that they’re healthy and well groomed. Needless to say, their coat should be clean and tangle-free, on top of your bunny being up to date with vaccinations and under parasite control.

A rabbit that’s trained to do basic tricks like standing or posing is essential in a rabbit show or competition. In other words, a rabbit that’s easy to handle and is obedient to basic commands or doing tricks will most definitely stand out.

On top of that, carry a detailed record of your rabbit’s pedigree as well as their medical history. This may include parentage details, health issues, or any other notable awards and achievements. These records should be up to date and well organized when being presented to the judge before the competition commences.


  1. The different categories of  harlequin rabbit showing


Competitions are likely to have different categories depending on the host organizing the shows. Breeders should hence familiarize themselves with the different types of rabbit show categories listed below.

  • Junior Showmanship: This particular category is for children or teenagers who are interested in showing rabbits. Junior showmanship involves a combination of rabbit knowledge-based testing and handling.


  • Breeding Classes: These classes are used to evaluate the quality and confirmation of rabbits, in our case harlequins. Owners may enter their rabbits into specific breed classes based on age or sex.


  •  Specialty Classes: Harlequin rabbits with unique characteristics or those that are good at agility or obedience courses.


  • Pet Classes: These classes are intended for pet rabbits that aren’t intended for breeding. Pet classes may be categorized into specific breeds like harlequins or also for mixed rabbit breeds.


  1. The benefits of participating in rabbit shows


  • Networking with other bunny enthusiasts: Bunny shows offer a great opportunity to meet and connect with other owners who have similar rabbit interests.


  • Learning more about the breed: Rabbit shows or competitions also offer breeders a chance to learn more about breed standards and the characteristics of not just harlequins but other rabbits in person. This is advantageous for new rabbit owners.


  • Earning awards and recognition: Most rabbit shows offer awards and recognition for rabbits that meet or surpass the breed standards or stand out in certain categories. This essentially motivates breeders and owners giving them a sense of pride.



  • Promoting responsible breeding practices: Rabbit shows in a way help breeders to learn more about the ethical responsibility of breeding practices. As a result, this helps to promote the health and well-being of bunnies, at the same time raising awareness of the importance of responsible breeding.

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