Can rabbits feed on maize bran?

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Maize bran is basically a by-product of grits or flour that comes from maize grain. The main question some bunny owners often ask is, can rabbits feed on maize bran? The short answer is yes they can. This highly nutritious diet contains starch and proteins that are essential for the growth and development of rabbits. Keep reading to find out more regarding this topic.


What maize bran quantity should I feed rabbits?

We usually recommend feeding your bunny 100 gm of maize bran per serving, twice per day. This should be early in the morning and late in the evening on top of serving your rabbits hay.


What is maize bran used for?

Maize bran is a great food source for rabbits and ruminants in general. This is mainly because it’s inexpensive and highly nutritious compared to most grains.


What nutrients are in maize bran?

Maize bran is essentially a byproduct of grits or flour that comes from maize grain. It contains quite a variety of nutrients such as proteins, fiber, and phytochemicals. These essential nutrients are found mainly on the outer skins of the bran.


Is maize grain or corn good for rabbits?

Feeding your rabbits corn or maize grain is not recommended. This is mainly because this particular feed is difficult to digest and as a result, may end up causing digestive health-related issues for your bunny.


Is maize fodder good for rabbits?

Yes, maize fodder is a good diet for rabbits considering that it’s highly nutritious. This particular feed is low in protein and high in fiber or starch content. In other words, it’s basically a great source of energy for your bunny.


What is the best grain for rabbits?

Some of the best whole grains recommended for your bunny’s consumption include barley, oats, and wheat. However, always incorporate hay into their main diet and also substitute it with veggies and pellets.



Can rabbits feed on maize bran? Most definitely. Just ensure that this particular feed is dust free to prevent inhalation that can lead to respiratory problems. Sprinkling water on the bran prior to feeding your rabbits is the best remedy to keep it free from dust. Lastly, to prevent fungal intoxication, avoid feeding your bunnies wet maize bran leftovers.


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