The best toys and activities for a harlequin rabbit to enjoy

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Harlequins are an energetic rabbit breed that requires proper mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. One way to achieve this is to ensure that your bunny has a variety of toys in addition to engaging in activities that promote natural behavior.


  1. The best toys for harlequin rabbits

When it comes to choosing ideal harlequin toys, always consider the age, size, and safety of your rabbit. Below are some of the suitable toys we highly recommend for your harlequins.

Chew toys: Chew toys such as wooden blocks, cardboard boxes, and untreated wicker baskets are good choices. They will help your rabbit to practice its natural chewing behavior, and tame destructive behavior, while also keeping your pet’s teeth trimmed.


Balls: When choosing balls go for ones whose size isn’t too small that your bunny can accidentally ingest. We recommend willow, hay, or hard plastic balls for your harlequins to roll and toss around.


Tunnels: Harlequin rabbits enjoy playing in tunnels since they can hide or explore them. When choosing a rabbit tunnel, we recommend choosing one made from wicker or willow. It can be a half-tube or full-tubed-shaped tunnel. Lastly, in terms of size, 6-inch diameter tunnels are the ideal size for harlequin bunnies.


Interactive toys: Lastly, harlequin bunnies also enjoy toys such as treat balls, puzzle feeders or play gyms. These toys are not only interactive but also provide mental stimulation which prevents boredom and destructive behavior.


Factors to consider when choosing toys for a harlequin rabbit


  • Size: Always ensure that the toys are medium-sized. They shouldn’t be too small with the potential to be ingested, and neither should they be too large to prevent your bunny from playing with them.


  • Age: The other factor you need to consider when choosing a harlequin rabbit toy is its age. The younger rabbits tend to enjoy playing with interactive toys while older rabbits prefer sedentary toys.


  • Interest: Observe your rabbit’s natural behavior and choose a toy that encourages your harlequin to engage in it. For instance, if your bunny loves to chew stuff, get them a chew toy. However, if they prefer to dig or burrow, a tunnel or a digging box filled with soil or shredded paper is a good choice.


  • Material: The other thing you need to consider before choosing a harlequin rabbits toy is the material used. Always ensure that the material used is safe even when accidentally ingested. We recommend toys made from cardboard, wood, or untreated wicker. Always avoid toys made from soft rubber or plastic as they can harm your bunny when ingested.


  • Design: Your harlequin’s safety when selecting a toy is something you might want to consider. Avoid toys that come in small parts that can easily break off as a result, ending up choking your bunny when accidentally ingested.


  • Durability: Lastly, before choosing a harlequin rabbit toy, always ensure that it’s made from sturdy material that can withstand rough play or being chewed at by your bunny.


  1. Ideas for harlequin enjoyable activities

Enjoyable activities are those that provide your harlequin with mental stimulation and also encourage them to engage in natural behavior. In addition, set a designated area where your pet can play or explore. This can be a playpen or a fenced area in your backyard with interactive toys which allow them to hide or forage.


  1. Interactive playtime with humans


Harlequins interacting with their owners is a great way to bond and also provide your rabbits with both mental and physical stimulation. Below are some of the interactive playtime ideas for your bunny.


  • Training: One way to spend interactive quality time with your bunny is through training sessions. Teaching your rabbit basic commands or performing simple tricks is often a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your harlequin. In other words, you’ll build a strong bond with positive reinforcement whenever your rabbit follows your command.
  • Playing games together: Playing games with your bunny is another good way of interacting with your bunny. Some of the popular games to play with your harlequin are agility courses, fetch, hide and seek.
  • Bonding activities: Lastly spending quality time with your bunny may also entail grooming, feeding, or petting them. This essentially strengthens the bond between you and your harlequin rabbit.


Once you’ve purchased toys for your harlequin and also identified what activities he/she likes to engage in, try to rotate the toys or activities. This will essentially keep your bunny more interested in participating in them as a result making them less bored.

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