The best bunny brush for shedding

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Although rabbits are self-grooming animals, they need a helping hand, especially during the shedding season usually in spring and Autumn. In other words, grooming your pets is something you just might consider doing regularly. Choosing the right bunny brush for shedding is therefore pivotal when it comes to fur maintenance. This article looks at the most effective shedding brushes taking into account bunnies with sensitive skin and normal or furry coats.


What is the best brush for a shedding rabbit?

The best bunny brush for shedding should have smooth rounded tips that are gentle on the skin. In simpler terms, this particular brush doesn’t cause skin irritation. An ideal shedding rabbit brush is one with longer bristles that can easily reach down your pet’s undercoat and also remove any loose hair. A typical brush should therefore be able to remove excess fur easily from both their undercoat as well as their overcoat.

However, based on my experience after using different bunny brushes for shedding, unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all brush. Below is a list of the most effective brush or rather the best depending on your rabbit’s fur type and how sensitive their skin is.

  • Shedding season brush

The Hair buster is generally the most preferred brush for a shedding rabbit. It easily removes all loose fur from your bunny’s coat. Grooming your rabbit during the shedding season is therefore much quicker when using the hair buster.

The reason why this particular brush is considered the best for shedding bunnies is due to its convenience. The hair buster easily pulls out loose fur thanks to its smooth rounded tips together with its fur-catching band which essentially helps brush even the heaviest shedders.

  • Brush for long-haired bunnies

A slicker brush is recommended for furry or long-haired rabbits. What it typically does is to get hold of loose fur that you cannot remove or pull off by hand. The brush easily goes through thick fur without causing discomfort for your bunny. It not only comes in handy during shedding season but also for long-haired rabbit’s weekly grooming. In short, regular grooming of furry bunnies is essential since it helps to prevent matted fur.


  • Brush for bunnies with skin sensitivity

Grooming gloves are ideal for shedding bunnies that hate being brushed. This bunny brush for shedding is effective since it quickly removes a lot of loose furs. In simpler terms, it’s an effective fur magnet. The grooming gloves are made from soft silicone bristles that are gentle on your pet’s skin and fur.

In other words, it feels like petting, thereby making the entire grooming process comfortable for your pets. It’s worth pointing out however that during shedding you need to groom your rabbits often using this particular rabbit brush. Lastly, the icing on the cake is that the grooming gloves also come with a hair removal brush that is useful for removing fur on your carpet or furniture.


How do you brush a shedding Bunny?


After selecting the right brush for your bunny, wait until they’re distracted. The perfect time to groom them would be around feeding time.  While they’re busy eating, place the hairbrush almost flat against their coat and gently brush their loose fur backward, in the same direction it flows.

For heavy shedding, brush their coat twice per day and once during normal molting. Although the shedding timeframe may slightly vary depending on breed, on average it typically takes around two weeks.


Why is it important to remove a bunny’s loose fur?


Bunnies just like cats are self-grooming pets and during shedding season, there’s a high likelihood that they may end up ingesting loose fur while licking themselves clean.

Unfortunately, bunnies are naturally unable to vomit their hairball when ingested which ends up blocking their gut. As a result, it ends up slowing down digestion, a health problem known as GI stasis. To avoid this, the rule of thumb is to properly maintain their fur not only during shedding but also post-shedding.


What months do rabbits molt?

Young bunnies normally molt their baby coat when they’re five months old and basically replaced it with a fully developed one. The next shedding phase follows in spring, followed by another in Autumn. Adult rabbits, therefore, molt twice per year between March to May and in the month of September to November.

Can you use a FURminator on a rabbit?

Yes, you can. A FURminator is intended for rabbits and other domestic animals as well. You can comfortably and safely use it on a bunny’s delicate coat. In other words, it’s gentle enough to trim their loose fur using its protective covered blade.


Why is my bunny shedding so much?

If your bunny is shedding excessively in spring then it’s perfectly normal. However, if they’re losing a sizeable amount of fur throughout the year, then something is not right. The main cause could be that your bunny is suffering from stress. Before you take them to the veterinarian for a checkup, always ensure that their environment is conducive.


How do you get mats out of rabbit fur?

We highly recommend using a mat rake or a mat splitter if you want to get rid of mats on a rabbit’s fur. Quite often, rabbits with thick coats often get tangled fur or mats. Although using scissors to cut mats might seem like a good idea, it’s potentially dangerous and should be avoided.


Can you trim bunny fur?

Yes, however, you need to be extra careful if you’re using scissors. A rabbit’s skin is quite thin and is likely to be easily cut in the event of a mishap. If you have to trim your bunny, do only touch up, or better yet, have an experienced groomer do it. What’s usually recommended is frequent brushing to prevent mats or fur tangles.


Choosing an ideal bunny brush for shedding along with regular grooming easily keeps your pet’s fur in check. Also, avoid using soft or metal bristle brushes with a lot of fibers. Soft metal bristle brushes are ineffective while the latter tends to cause discomfort for your rabbits.


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