Rabbit sphinx position meaning

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A rabbit in a sphinx position is normally at rest with its head upright, its front legs spread forward and apart, and its hind legs pointing straight out. This particular pose is quite common for resting rabbits and unlikely for deep-sleeping ones. Our article is going to look at the rabbit sphinx position meaning, why rabbits love this posture, in addition to other rabbit poses.


Rabbit Sphinx position and what it means

A rabbit in a sphinx pose is an indicator that your bunny is taking a quick nap. However, your pet’s posture is normally that of a rabbit that’s ready to dash off or in a position to easily get up. Therefore a rabbit sphinx position means that your pet is partially asleep or temporarily at rest.

Sphinx pose

Other rabbit resting/sleeping positions

Other than the rabbit sphinx position, there are other rabbit postures. Depending on how comfortable your rabbit is and their personality, they might prefer one resting position over the other. Below are some of the four common rabbit poses.

  • Sprawl

A rabbit in a sprawl pose will lay on their stomach with its front legs tucked or stretched forward and hind legs stretched out behind them. They might be asleep or awake depending on how tired they are. A rabbit in a sprawling position is a clear indication that they’re comfortable enough to rest or sleep. In other words, this particular posture leaves them in a vulnerable state that takes them at least a few seconds to get back on their feet. Sprawling is a common pose for bunnies during hot summers when they’re trying to cool off.


  • Loaf

The loaf position is when a bunny has its feet tucked underneath its body. Quite often, they’ll lower their head and relax their ears while in this position. A bunny in a loaf position is a clear indication that they feel safe and secure. This is mainly because they can get up quicker when the need arises. Additionally, rabbits might also favor this pose during winter when they’re trying to conserve their body heat.


  • Flop

Bunny flop
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jade/4222032144

A flop position is when a bunny suddenly drops down on its side to get some sleep. This pose is common for rabbits that are comfortable in their habitat and need to go into a deep sleep. It’s also worth pointing out that a bunny that sleeps after a flop will most likely sleep with its eyes closed.

  • The lambchop


This particular position is when a bunny lies on its side with its hind legs stretched out to the side or behind. The lambchop position is another pose that shows a rabbit that’s content, comfortable, and relaxed. Lastly, the pose is also common for rabbits that want to cool off during summer or when they have a full belly.


Why is my rabbit in a hunched position?

Quite often, a rabbit in a hunched position is a tell-tale sign that they’re in excruciating pain. On top of that, they might also grind their teeth with their eyes half-closed. When your bunny is in a hunched position and also shows any of the signs mentioned, it’s always advisable to take them to a vet as soon as possible.


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