Rabbit poop vs deer poop: How to tell the difference

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Differentiating rabbit poop from deer droppings is normally a challenge to most people considering that they look similar. Nonetheless knowing the difference will help you identify the type of animal that was around your home or the vicinity in question. This article looks into what rabbit and deer poop look like and it also talks about the disparities between to two.


 Rabbit poop vs deer poop differentiation

When it comes to distinguishing rabbit poop from deer poop, they usually differ in color, size, shape, texture, odor, and quantity. Keep reading to find out in detail, how rabbit poop is different from deer poop.


  • Color

The other distinction when it comes to rabbit poop vs deer poop is color. A bunny’s poop is normally light brown while a deer’s is usually dark brown. However, it’s worth pointing out that sometimes the color of both animals can be slightly affected by their health status and diet. Other than the normal light brown rabbit poop, their dropping color can also be tan or gray-white. On the other hand, besides the usual dark brown appearance of a deer’s poop, they can also have an orange, yellow-brown, black, or green shade depending on what they had eaten.


  • Size

Rabbit poop is generally much smaller in size compared to deer poop. A bunny’s poop pellet measures between 0.5cm and 0.8 cm while a deer’s poop pellet is between 2cm and 3 cm.


  • Shape

In terms of shape, rabbit poop pellets are rounder while deer droppings are oval-shaped with one side having a small point.


  • Texture

A rabbit’s poop has a rough appearance that’s also textured while a deer’s droppings have a smooth and shiny appearance. The main reason why a bunny’s poop is textured is mainly due to the fact that they’re self-grooming animals that don’t digest their food properly. As a result, their poop has visible traces of fibrous material that they tend to eat again. Their edible excrement is known as Cecotropes. On the other hand, deer are ruminants with a digestive system that produces and removes waste from their body once. This, in turn, makes their poop shiny and smooth.


  • Odor

The other distinction between the two animal poop is the smell. Rabbit droppings tend to have a faint ammonia smell and they also tend to have no smell when dried, while a deer’s poop has a pungent musky odor.


  • Quantity

The last distinction when comparing rabbit poop vs deer poop is the amount produced. Rabbits produce an average of 12 to 50 pellets per bowel movement. Their average poop session per day is between 5 to 15 bowel movements, considering that bunnies eat throughout the day. As a result, a rabbit’s poop is always scattered in piles or clusters.

On the other hand, deer produce on average between 60 to 100 poop pellets per bowel movement. Per day they poop 10 times on average, making them produce several hundred poop pellets in a single day.



Rabbit poop and deer poop can be easily distinguished by their color, Size, shape, texture, odor, and quantity. In short, knowing what type of animal is around your backyard or hunting zone between the two is possible by studying the droppings left behind.

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