Rabbit care in rainy season

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If you keep rabbits, more so outdoors, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to leave them outside during the rainy season. Will they get affected by the cold or when they get rained on? This article talks about rabbit care in rainy season and much more.


Can rabbits survive outdoors in rainy season?

Yes, they can, but only if their enclosure is water resistant, warm, and dry. On top of that, also ensure that your bunny’s hutch is leak free. Although rabbits can survive a little drizzle, it’s not advisable to let them get drenched in rain. This is mainly because your bunny is likely to develop hypothermia when it gets too cold.

In case of unexpected downpours, if your bunny is in your backyard, get them inside their hutch or better yet indoors. If they’re already wet, use a dry towel to wipe them and then place them in a warm dry place.

Rabbit care in rainy season

Rabbit care in rainy season

Keeping your rabbits dry during the rainy season is pivotal when it comes to their health. One way to go about this is to ensure that the front of their enclosure is covered with a fitted hutch cover such as polyester fabric with sealed seams. This essentially keeps your pets cozy, dry, and warm during the rainy season.

Secondly, also ensure that your bunny is extra warm during the rainy season by providing them with warm bedding. Use extra straw or hay which should be changed daily to keep your rabbits warm and dry. In addition, a waterproof tarpaulin is also useful for covering your rabbit’s hutch during the rainy season. Just ensure that there’s a small space to allow air circulation. A snuggle heat pad also comes in handy when it comes to keeping your bunny warm during the rainy cold season.


Are rabbits afraid of rain with thunderstorms?

Yes, rabbits can easily get frightened by loud thunderstorms more so if they’re not used to hearing loud sounds. It’s therefore pivotal to calm your bunny under such circumstances. However, if they’re exposed to loud sounds over time, you’ll notice that they won’t get easily startled.


How do I protect my rabbit hutch from the rain?


For starters, you cover your rabbit’s outdoor hutch using a tarp or slanted roof to prevent rain from getting into your hutch or wetting your bunny. Secondly, always ensure that your rabbit’s enclosure is properly elevated from the ground to prevent it from getting wet or muddy. In other words, it will be difficult to keep your bunny warm and dry if its hutch isn’t slightly above the ground in the rainy season. Furthermore, an elevated enclosure typically lasts longer than one that’s on the surface simply because it’s moist-free. Lastly, also ensure that your rabbit hutch roof is leakproof to prevent rain from getting into unsealed cracks.


Why does my rabbit like the rain?

Your rabbit may enjoy the rain if it has thick fur that keeps it dry and warm. However, it’s not advisable to let your rabbit play in the rain, since it can be detrimental to their health if they get wet.


Should you cover rabbits at night during rainy season?

Yes, you should. Ensure that you cover part of the front section of their hutch as well as their run with tarpaulin. This will protect your rabbits against rain or wind during rainy nights.


Do rabbits get cold at night in rainy season?

Rabbits are cold-resistant animals that can withstand temperatures between 40 to 32°F. However, they’re comfortable with temperatures between 50 to 75 o F. It’s therefore very essential to keep your bunny properly insulated during the cold rainy season. Alternatively, you can also keep your rabbits indoors during the rainy season to keep them warm and dry. Click here to find out more about rabbits living outdoors in winter.


What do rabbits sleep on during rainy season?

A nice dry bed with absorbent material is ideal. Hay or dust-free straw will definitely keep your rabbits dry during the rainy season.


Rabbit care in rainy season entails keeping your pet warm and comfortable throughout. In other words, ensure that your pet’s hutch is properly insulated and leakproof if you want to improve their quality of life during this cold rainy season.


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