Bunny binky, what does it mean?

A bunny binky involves jumping in the air, twisting the body, and kicking their feet. At times, they can binky after a run, while other times they do so instantaneously. A binky is an expression of excitement or happiness and usually happens when a rabbit feels safe around its habitat. This article looks in-depth at … Read more

The best rabbit toys

Rabbit toys play a pivotal role when it comes to mental stimulation, exercise, and entertainment. Additionally, they also allow bunnies to indulge in natural behavior which involves jumping, chewing, and digging. The good thing about the rabbit toys am about to recommend is that they’re quite affordable. Below is a list of the best toys … Read more

Are rabbits rodents?

Are rabbits rodents? This is the age-old question that usually lingers in most people’s minds. Bunnies are not rodents, contrary to popular belief. One of the main differences between the two is their dental anatomy. Bunnies have four incisors while rodents have two. Rabbits are strictly herbivorous while most rodents’ diet also comprises meat. Although … Read more

Flemish Giant rabbit breed: Everything you need to know

The Flemish Giant rabbit is one of the largest and oldest breeds. They are also referred to as gentle giants due to their sweet and docile temperament. This large bunny has a semi arch, long and powerful body, with broad hindquarters. It weighs between 15 to 22 pounds and has dense and glossy fur. So … Read more

Baby bunnies care tips

Taking care of baby bunnies after your doe has given birth is an exciting experience for most rabbit owners. However, when it comes to kitten care, there are a lot of factors to consider. Some might argue that the mother rabbit is solely capable of taking care of newborn babies. However, you also play a … Read more

Rabbit diseases you should know about

Bunnies just like any other pets occasionally have health problems. The infectious rabbit diseases include hemorrhagic, myxomatosis, encephalitozoonosis, and respiratory infection. This article also talks about some of the common rabbit health problems, their symptoms, and how to treat them. Rabbit infectious diseases 1. Myxomatosis Myxomatosis is an infectious disease that is spread by fleas, … Read more

What to feed your rabbit and what not to

A healthy feed is essential for the overall health and growth of your pet rabbit. The main question however is what to feed your rabbit? A  balanced diet comprises mostly hay, fewer vegetables, plants, and a limited amount of pellets is always recommended. Rabbits require grass and hay for their digestive systems to function properly. … Read more

How to train a rabbit to do tricks

How to train a rabbit to do tricks is one of the questions potential owners usually ask. One of the misconceptions about rabbits is that they are hard to train. On the contrary, bunnies are quite intelligent animals. Most owners usually find it difficult to train their pet bunny. Perhaps they haven’t created a real … Read more

Rabbit behavior: Frequently asked questions

When it comes to the general rabbit behavior, there are usually a lot of questions that new owners or at times avid breeders find perplexing. For instance, how do you know whether your bunny is happy, sick, bored, hungry, excited, or in distress? Not to worry as this article answers all the frequently asked questions … Read more

Rabbit proofing your home: The complete guide

Most indoor rabbit owners can agree that rabbit proofing is a great idea, especially if you have valuable belongings lying around the house. A bunny is an instinctively curious animal and will chew nearly anything it can get hold of. Bunny proofing is, therefore, necessary if you want to protect stuff that your adorable pet … Read more

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