How to train a bunny not to chew on things

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Rabbits chew on stuff instinctively to wear down their teeth or sometimes out of sheer boredom. However, sometimes this particular behavior can turn destructive or it might even end up harming your pet’s health if left unchecked. This article looks at the various ways how to train a bunny not to chew on things.


Can you train a house rabbit not to chew?

Yes, taming your rabbit’s unwanted chewing behavior is quite possible. The main reason why your pet chews on things basically boils down to a lack of mental stimulation.  Below are some of the factors you need to consider if you want to nip this habit in the bud.

  • Positive reinforcement

One of the best ways to train your rabbit not to chew on non-edible things is by conditioning them using positive reinforcement. When your pet is done eating, reward them with a gentle backstroke or occasional treats. In addition, teach them basic commands like “stop” or ” no”. Finally, issue the verbal cue whenever your rabbit tries to chew stuff, then provide a reward for its obedience.


  • Unlimited hay supply

Another way to train your rabbit not to chew on stuff is to provide them with a sufficient amount of fresh hay. Other than providing essential nutrients for your bunny, this particular diet also helps to trim your bunny’s teeth in the long run


  • Mental stimulation

Boredom is often associated with unwanted chewing behavior among rabbits. Sometimes this usually happens even when your bunny is full and has unlimited hay available. As a result, keeping your pet preoccupied or mentally stimulated is always advisable. One way to do this is to offer them chew toys they can play with. Some of the popular ones include digging boxes, hanging toys with treats, foraging mats, tunnels, and tubes among others. Another way to keep your bunny mentally stimulated and tame their bad chewing habit is by pairing them up with partners.

How to train a bunny not to chew on things

  • Rabbit-proof your house

Rabbit-proofing your home is another effective way to ensure that your pet doesn’t indulge in destructive chewing behavior. Ensure that your cords, furniture, wallpaper, carpets, and drapes are properly covered or out of your bunny’s reach.


  • Organic repellent spray

Using a chemical-free repellent spray on items your rabbit has the potential to damage by chewing is always recommended. For instance, bitter apple or Fooey spray are effective organic deterrents that will get the job done. You can use either one of the two repellents mentioned on electric cords, furniture, or other valuables.


  • Rabbit Spaying/Neutering

Sometimes training a bunny not to chew on things entails spaying or neutering them. In other words, the unwanted behavior may be hormonal, and hence desexing your rabbit essentially tames it.


Can I use vinegar to stop my rabbit from chewing?

Yes, vinegar is a good natural deterrent due for rabbits. This is mainly due to its repulsive smell. You can use it on surfaces or accessible items that are supposed to be out of bounds for your pet.


Is it okay for rabbits to chew cardboard?


Yes, rabbits can safely chew cardboard. However, it should be in small quantities to avoid intestinal-related issues. On top of that, the material used should be plain cardboard that’s free from coating or paint.


Why does my rabbit chew my clothes?

A bunny that chews on your clothes could be due to various reasons. For instance, it could be a sign of boredom, a show of affection, anger, or even love.


Why is my bunny chewing on wood?

One of the major reasons why your rabbit chews on wood is basically to help trim overgrown teeth. Before your rabbit chews on any piece of wood, always make sure that it’s untreated beforehand. Additionally, avoid giving your pet yardsticks or fallen tree branches as they may contain mold spores or bacteria with may be harmful to your rabbit’s health. Therefore, commercially available applewood or wood from rabbit chew toys is usually the best option.



How to train a bunny not to chew on things, as you can see is quite easy. All it simply needs is a little bit of patience from your end. Alternatively, you can always place your rabbits in a playpen, provided that your living room is spacious.




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