How to teach a rabbit to high five

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Rabbits are intelligent animals that can learn just about any trick if they’re properly motivated. One of the tricks that most owners and people, in general, find fascinating is a bunny that high-fives on command. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to teach a rabbit to high five, then this article is for you.


Procedure for training your rabbit to high five

Teaching a rabbit how to high-five is quite easy if you follow our guide below. In other words, your bunny will take a few weeks at most to learn this particular trick. Before training commences, always ensure that you have treats to act as a motivator, a clicker device, and most importantly,  a secluded location with no distractions. Bear in mind to keep the training duration short, around three sessions each, 5 minutes tops. Without further ado, below is a guide on how to teach a rabbit to high-five.

How to teach a rabbit to high five

  • Luring

Rabbits are easier to train when you use food as a lure. To be specific, their favorite treats such as fruits are usually the best option to get the job done. Place the lure close to your pet’s nose and then slowly lift your hand up. This will leave your bunny with no option but to try and follow the treat, and as a result, stand up on its hind legs.

  • Click and reward

Immediately your bunny lifts its front paws while standing on its back legs, press the clicker, and as you let it have the treat. Do this repeatedly until your pet fully understands the concept behind lifting its feet. In addition to that, also ensure that the treats are cut into small pieces to avoid feeding your pet excessively during training.

  • Rabbit resting its paw on your hand

The next step after conditioning your bunny to stand on its hind legs is transitioning it to place one of its paws on your hand. Again, lure your rabbit by placing a treat near its nose and then lift your hand up. Once your pet raises its front paws off the ground to follow the treat, place your hand slightly beneath or near one of its paws. Once contact is made, press the clicker followed immediately with a reward. Over time, you may eventually replace the clicker device with a verbal command, alongside occasional treats. Finally, repeat the training by keeping the sessions short, thrice per day, until your bunny learns how to high-five using a verbal command.



How to teach a rabbit to high-five is quite simple, all it takes is consistency, repetition, and patience. Training is essentially one of the fun ways you can strengthen the bond between you and your bunny. Nevertheless, if it’s a new rabbit you intend to train this particular trick, make sure that you’ve built trust prior to commencing the session. This will essentially make it easier to teach them how to high five or any other trick for that matter.


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