How to keep rabbits from digging out of pen

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Digging is one of those natural behaviors that both wild and domestic rabbits partake in. While the former typically live in burrows, bunnies in captivity can dig an average of one foot deep if given an opportunity. This, therefore, leaves most rabbit owners wondering how to keep rabbits from digging out of the pen. Keep reading to find out!


How to prevent rabbits from digging out of the pen

Although preventing rabbits from digging entirely is inevitable, stopping them from digging out of their outdoor enclosure is quite possible. Below are some of the simple, yet effective ways of how to keep rabbits from digging out of the pen.

How to keep rabbits from digging out of pen


1. Rabbit-proofing the pen

Considering that rabbits may spend a lot of time in their pen, it’s quite essential to keep it both secure and dig-proof. Doing so entails attaching a wire mesh barrier with 3 to 6-mm holes underneath the playpen.

  • Measurement

Use a measuring tape to get the exact perimeter size of your bunny’s run. Then also ensure that the wire mesh you intend to place under the pen has the same length and width as the perimeter of the run and most importantly a height of at least two feet.

  • Cut and fold the wire mesh

Once you have the measurement estimate, roll out the wire and cut it into four pieces. One pair should measure the same as the pen’s perimeter length, while the other should be similar to its width, each pair having a height of two feet. Finally, using the long section of each wire piece, fold it into a 90-degree angle or an L shape. In other words, after folding the mesh, it will have a height and base of 1 foot.

  • Dig a trench

Using a spade, dig 1 foot deep on the perimeter of the pen. It can be on the inside or on the outside, it won’t make much of a difference. Just ensure that you dig closer to the walls.

  • Place the wire mesh in the hole

The next step is to place the wire mesh vertically in the trench against its walls in an L shape before filling the hole with soil. Pat it down properly to ensure that it’s compacted well enough around the wire mesh before you place the pen on top. Finally, use zip ties to secure the wire mesh top surface onto the pen’s base.


2. Using paving stones


The other method of preventing your bunny from digging out of its pen entails using paving stones. There are basically two options. The first one involves digging a trench that’s at least 1 ft. high, having a similar length and width as your pen’s perimeter. Once you’re done, fill it up with paving stones before placing the pen on top.

The other easier alternative involves digging a 1-foot deep trench around the perimeter of the pen or on the outside, then filling it up with paving stones.

3. Placing the pen on a slab


Finally, the last method of how to keep rabbits from digging out of the pen is quite straightforward. Simply place your pen on a hard surface such as pavement or a paved area. However, you’ll need to place hay or straw bedding to keep your bunnies comfortable.



By preventing your rabbits from digging out of a pen, you’re essentially protecting them from harm’s way or potential outdoor risk. On top of that, you’ll also prevent lurking predators from accessing your bunnies by digging underneath the pen.


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