How to get a bunny to like you

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To be in a rabbit’s good books is essential if you want to build a strong bond with them. Since bunnies are prey animals, they’re often skittish with an independent mindset, unlike other pets such as dogs and cats. How to get a bunny to like you normally boils down to the effort, patience, and trust you build.


How do you get your rabbit to like you?

One of the foundations needed to make a rabbit grow fond of you is trust. The best way to earn it is to play by their rules, and at first, let them reach out to you. The sooner trust is built the most likely a bunny is going to like you. Below are some of the various ways to gain your pet’s affection.

Know their temperament

Identifying the personality of your bunny is pivotal when interacting with or approaching them. Rabbits just like humans have different personalities and firsthand knowledge is necessary if you want to earn their trust quicker. For instance, shy rabbits unlike those with a social or playful temperament, tend to get nervous around people and will need more patience.

Offer them treats

Treats are essentially the best way to win your rabbit’s heart. Bunnies normally love sugary treats such as fresh fruits or veggies. When your shy bunny gets the courage to come to you, slowly hand them their favorite treat.

Using small pieces of natural treats, repeat this process regularly, and in no time you’ll definitely be their best friend. It’s worth pointing out however that, you should offer them the fresh fruit and veggies treat occasionally and sparingly. To be specific the right quantity should be one or two tablespoons of treat per day. Anything more than that will eventually lead to digestive issues

Spend quality time with your rabbits


Another way to earn your pet’s trust is by playing or interacting with them when they’re in the mood. You can also try to bond with your rabbits by grooming, petting, or stroking them. Additionally, you can also give your bunnies chew toys, digging boxes, or tunnels to hide in.


Be consistent in your routine


Having a daily routine is essential when you want to build trust with your rabbits. In other words, since bunnies are prey animals, they feel safer when they know what to expect. They typically thrive in their comfort zone. One way to make them comfortable is to have a specific feeding, exercise, and interaction schedule. Eventually, over time they’ll get accustomed to their routine and they’ll not only get excited to see you but also from knowing what to expect.


Be considerate when handling them

How you interact with or handle your pets greatly determines if they’ll find you trustworthy or not. For starters, if you don’t want to terrify them, try to avoid picking, chasing, or cornering your rabbits.

If you have to carry them, be gentle. Start by holding onto the back of their neck while you place your other hand on their back. Roll their hind legs forward to prevent kicking and when you have a firm hold, let go of their scruff and slowly lift them up using both hands. One hand should support their back while the other, their belly. In addition, avoid screaming at or hitting your rabbits as it often causes them fear and shock.


How do I train my rabbit to like me?


The first step is to build a bond with your pets. Let them know that you’re more of a friend than a foe. If you have a new rabbit, they’ll instinctively want to run and hide away from you at first. Not to worry as this is quite natural for prey animals. To tackle this, sit quietly beside your rabbit and let them get used to your presence, and learn that you’re less of a threat. Whenever they get the courage to come near you, gently pet or stroke them, then reward your bunny with their favorite treat.


How long does it take for a bunny to like you?


Normally it should take a few months for a bunny to like you. Creating a bond entails playing, grooming, or cuddling with them. By doing so, you’ll notice that with time, they’ll respond positively to your advances, and will even be excited to see you. Remember that it takes time, effort, and patience for a rabbit to be accustomed to you.



How do you tell when a bunny likes you?


Rabbits just like other popular pets, tend to express themselves around us, more so if they like you. Below are some of the various ways to tell when a bunny adores you.


Nose nudge

A rabbit nose nudge is one way they’re simply trying to show you affection. Other than signifying their fondness, it could also mean they’re yearning for your attention.


Another way a bunny shows affection is by licking you. A light lick shows that your bunny is content and confident around you. However, not all rabbits show affection this way.


A soft nibble is an expression of affection or a friendly gesture. Mostly a nibble is often followed by a lick or vice versa.


Chinning is when a rabbit rubs their chin against you. Their scent glands are located below their chin and a rabbit placing the chin against you is an indicator that they consider you as their friend or one of their own.


A binky is one way that bunnies show contentment or happiness. It entails a sudden jump, a body twist, and kicking in the air. A bunny that likes you is most likely going to binky around you.




How to get a bunny to like you is not as difficult as some of you might think. It essentially boils down to how strong you’ve built your bond. Remember patience and constant interaction go a long way when it comes to earning a rabbit’s affection.


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